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How bad is this bluff?

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  • How bad is this bluff?

    It's $3.30+R Sunday Million Satellite with 15mins slow blind structure and 1500 starting stack. It was short handed coz tournament just began and there were total 12 players that time and late registration was still on. The dealer button was raising everytime it folds around to him. The SB guy was playing very loose and always calling the raise made by button in attempt to steal. Few hands back when button made 4x and SB called, I had A4o and thought of making a 3-bet but seeing there play they wouldn't had folded. So anyways I ended up folding A4o from BB coz of laggy button and SB player. Now I had enough of buttton stealing I had QKs, which I will 3-bet these players anyday, even if they call my 3-bet I am not upset. So I did that and dealer button stealer folded but SB came along for the ride. I made c-bet, he called. Then on turn I had no way of winning the pot only if I jam plus I picked up some more out on turn card. I don't know if I should be making c-bet there or I should be giving up once SB calls my C-bet. So how bad is the play and bluff attempt? STATS:
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    In these rebuy tourneys, I try not to bluff too much as people are much less willing to fold, I talked about this in your other hand from this tourney.

    Preflop is fine, if the button and SB are playing super-loose, KQs is a great choice to 3Bet for value.

    I'm not a huge fan of CBetting this flop, although we do have quite a few good turn cards for us. This hits the SB's range much better than ours. If you're going to CBet, I'd make it about 1/3 pot, this makes our bluffs cheaper and keeps the SPR a bit higher so we've got more options on later streets. In tourneys, CBetting 1/4-1/3 pot is quite normal and very effective due to the fact that it still places a decent amount of pressure on the effective stack due to the low SPRs in MTTs.

    Once villain calls I'd just check back this turn. Whatever he's calling flop with, I don't see him folding on this turn. We might as well just try to bink our flush, K or Q for free and get stacks in on the river if we catch any of these.



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