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Trips slow played to death !!

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  • Trips slow played to death !!

    It's $3.30+R Sunday Million Satellite with 15mins slow blind structure and 1500 starting stack. It was short handed coz tournament just began and there were total 10 players that time and late registration was still on. I thought it's very dry board to slow play all the way. What are the mistakes I made in this hand and what is the best way to play this hand? Coz I thought if I c-bet no one will call other then Qx & maybe I can let Qx take stab at it thinking he has to best hand and we are all drawing. STATS :
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    Hi Adikumar,

    I think the fact that this is a rebuy tournament tends to make everybody's ranges much looser in general as people are more willing to risk marginal and even just bad -EV spots in order to try get lucky and build an early stack.

    Bearing that in mind I don't see any reason to slowplay this on the flop as there's a bunch of stuff that people can call with. Qx, any broadway combo, K9, J8, worse Tx, maybe even some pocket pairs might call thinking that they still have the best hand.

    By betting, you might even get someone to do some silly semi-bluff raise/jam trying to represent the T.

    When you check the flop, there's a high probability that it's just going to get checked through as a large majority of the time, the button isn't going to have anything here that he feels he can bet with, so you're often just allowing three people to catch up for free, which isn't often the best idea.

    Another problem with not betting this flop is highlighted by what actually happened. Button bets and now what are you supposed to do? If you check/raise, it looks super-strong and reps pretty much only Tx+. If you just call like you did, presumably you also have to check turn, all of which means you're potentially missing out on a ton of value and giving multiple villains big opportunities to overtake you. Out of these two options, I still prefer the check/raise to calling and hope that the villains get stubborn with their draws or Qx.

    As played, the turn is a relative brick, so I suppose checking is best with your overall strategy. Against the bet and the raise, you might as well just get all in. Your hand is still too strong to fold and I don't see any point in leaving 530 chips behind with a pot that's already well over 2000.

    As an aside, in these rebuy tournaments, I usually like to take a rebuy immediately to make sure that I fully capitalise on any juicy value spots that a fellow big stack might give me.



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