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$3.50 STT turbo Heads-Up / dry or wet

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  • $3.50 STT turbo Heads-Up / dry or wet

    I get confused when talking about dry / wet boards. I'm trying to think what the villain called with and how does the board look for them scary or not?

    Played 100 of these tough games to cash and never seen villain previously in the player pool. My read was a solid player never open limps and raises / plays position.

    OK Head's-Up btn K9o raise and flop top 2 K59r - Is it a dry flop? It smacks a calling/3bet range to me (wet)...

    We give a free card and then get check/raised turn 3. Yikes, single raised pot 55/33 I block 2 canines.

    What do you guys think barrelling river Ace? AK 3bet pre, Baluga Theorem turn x/r?

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    Hello Forrest,
    I have a question which is not about the hand.

    How did you embed such a big size Hand replayer in this post? I only see people using tiny PSO Hand replayer. This looks like a new version bigger in size.

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      It is a dry flop. If the board is semi wet, look at your opponent. If they're tight , it's dry. If they're loose , it's wet.
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        Thanks guys,

        The replay is a standard link to a boom hand. You take the hand number at the end of the link "8876371_6FDF649897" and paste it between boom, /boom tags in your thread post.

        HELP. Can a mod delete the above attempts to post instructions. Couldn't stop it interpreting the code. Thanks. Can't understand why I can't delete my own posts?
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          Hi, Hand Analysis The check raise on the turn is only trying to represent 55 and maybe an audacious 33 that floated us... I agree with you on that. The board is just so dry that flatting just as you did is the optimal play to keep their entire range in the pot. There are just so few combos that can improve to a back door draw on this turn and most likely not within their reverse floating range given the dynamics of 6 max poker. Readless, it's really hard to play with a mindset if we are beat, but given the stack depth of 22bb for us and the really dry board texture, you played this perfectly... at no point should we consider folding. Just flat and keep their entire range barreling into us! umbup: CannonLEe

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