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HU Flip !!

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  • HU Flip !!

    Is it okay to flip for 70BB heads-up ? 5mins Blind level, we all start with 100BB. SCOOP Headsup Event. He was playing bit tight for heads-up, that's all I see and folding to all raises from button, etc and he was sitting out first 6 hands. So can't rely on stats purely. STATS :
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    Hi adikumar2010, Hand Analysis There aren't enough stats to go on for formulating a decision to fold pre-flop in this spot. If the villain was playing with those stats over the course of 100+ hands then I'd definitely contemplate pitching this hand into the muck. But a call would also be fine when they elect to re-raise us. Yes we will be at a positional disadvantage post flop when calling and the villain will have just over a pot sized bet remaining post flop, which kind of puts us in an awkward spot, but we are sitting deep enough to get away from the hand on flops that contain over cards such as A, K, Q and we'd be roughly at 100bb if we check folded... so not much is lost and we have a healthy stack to pick a better spot. Being readless... most players aren't balanced when it comes to their 4bet range, usually AK AQ AJ KQ and TT+ will consist of most their range, so they pretty much turn their hand face up when they 4bet only 2% of the time! Keep in mind that there will only be 16 combos of all these holdings AK, AQ, AJ and KQ... there are more combos that we are ahead of than over pairs that beat us, so closing the action and going all in is fine too and the standard course of action as it puts us in a spot where we are not forced to play OOP versus an opponent with just over a pot sized bet remaining if we flat. Hope this helps. Kind regards, CannonLee

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      I think I would prefer a call on his 4bet.
      Don't see them doing this with 99 88 so assuming they either have an ovepair or AK AQ imo, I would just see a flop and go on from there.
      Also your 3bet sizing may be a bit on the big side and that would make the 4bet-bluffing prospect rather unlikely.
      Folding to his 4bet is too nitty but I wouldn't mind it if we take into account their stats.


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        Doesn't hero have 100% 3bet and villain 100% fold to 3bet?
        I would not be surprised if this dynamic would play a part and significantly affect the hands that villain would choose to 4bet here. TT/AQ are relative monsters compared to what could presumably be 3bet and 4bet here.



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