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aa , in first hand of 1$ 180 man regular

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  • aa , in first hand of 1$ 180 man regular

    i always have doubts playing big hands in early stages of mtts and sng , the thing here is that the pot is so big after the flop that i cant make a bet whithout beeing commmited , should i check fold in this spot? due the bad texture of the flop?

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    Hi Scarface763

    Wow, a six handed pot holding Aces is a recipe for disaster! I like your raise sizing but I would be inclined to make it slightly bigger in this particular scenario because what we don't want is for one guy to call our raise which could set off a whole chain of calls ( which is what happened here ). If we made it 160/200 it's more likely that we're going to thinnen out the field but still get action, which is of course what we want. Technically your raise sizing is fine (+1 big blind for each limper) but when we have 5 limpers we ought to be 'breaking the rules' and making a slightly larger raise than usual because our chances of getting action are just so incredibly high.

    Post flop I would be looking to either check/shove over a bet or check/fold if there's a lot of action, maybe a bet and a few calls and a big raise).

    I don't like leading out on this flop because the pot is bloated and the board is coordinated so when we bet not only are we showing a significant amount of strength but we're very likely to be either called or shoved on by more than one of the villains which makes it very hard to assess where we are in hand. However if we check we get to find out more information on our villains hands, for example if player 1 bets 300 and player 3 calls, player 4 calls. player 7 folds and player 8 shoves.... then we can easily fold our hand.

    Or perhaps if the action went like this ... it checks over to player 4 and he bets half the pot and players 7 and 8 fold..... then we can shove into a range that doesn't have us crushed rather than betting out into the unknown in a massively bloated pot.

    So we bet out on the flop and the turn card pairs the board... and this stage of the hand it may feel like we are committed because we have less than half of a pot sized bet (another reason why I like checking flop). On this board texture it's just so likely that atleast one of these guys has an 8 in their hand or a hand like 89/J8/78/68/J9 so even though it may feel like we're committed we're not. We still have 50 big blinds. I can't fault you for shoving the turn but if I ever got myself in this spot I would check turn and hope to see a blank river that I would probably check/fold too depending on what reads I have on who's betting.

    Cheers, Chris.


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      Check/fold to victory my friend.

      Try an exercise at home. Take a pack of playing cards and remove 2 aces.
      Now lay out 8 sets of hole cards. Remove the two weakest and then deal 3 cards to make a flop.

      I would bet you that at least 3/4 times doing this exercise, you would have AA cracked.

      All you have is a pair, a pair will not win vs this many opponents most of the time.



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