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1,50 STT, NLHE, ATo vs Push 5BB from a Tight from UTG?

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  • 1,50 STT, NLHE, ATo vs Push 5BB from a Tight from UTG?

    No Limit Holdem Tournament PokerStars 8 Players Hand Conversion Powered by weaktight $1.32+$0.18 Stacks: UTG Vovchikq (695) 5bb UTG+1 xm0use (1,555) 10bb MP1 Nazar321 (960) 6bb MP2 Stealthje (2,324) 15bb CO Zedsteau (1,076) 7bb BTN Txxx-NICO (2,400) 16bb SB Angelovakemp (1,240) 8bb BB HERO (3,250) 22bb Blinds: 75/150 Pre-Flop: (225, 8 players) HERO ??? is BB Vovchikq goes all-in 695, 6 folds, HERO ??? I put the villain in a standard range of: 55+, A2s+, A5o+, K9s+, KJo+, QTs+, JTs+ I used the ICMIZER and it shows a good call. I was wondering if the opponent is very tight I could fold here. Are there players who does a push here only with 77+, AT+, QKs? Sorry by the english. How can I write better what I mean.

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    As you saw in ICMIZER, it's a must call even vs a tight guy.

    In terms of ranges to call off, A8o+, A5s+, KJs+, KQo+ and 22+ are correct ICM wise.

    Of course tighter opponents lend themselves to tighter calls, but ATo is still well within a call range.


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      Hi ahcrata! Due to the opp being UTG, when I go to ICMIZER, I get a shove range for them of 8% (66+, ATs+, AJo+). If they are actually playing this range, then I get a call range of 6.3% (77+, AJs+, AQo+)... so it's a marginal fold as it's a -.54%EV play to call. If the opp would be playing a wider range, no read on the opp given, then this could possibly swing this to a marginal call. Either way, it's a marginal play and I'm going to pass and look for a better spot. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        I think you can call here
        Because he only got 5 BB left and will be so crippled in the next hand or two
        For me, with this stack size, 5BB and will be eaten up another 1.5 BB, i will go with any ace, pairs, KTos+, maybe any suit connectors

        And you are in the big blind, that makes it even cheaper
        Easy call for me imo



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