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Is this too light of a resteal?

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  • Is this too light of a resteal?

    It's a PSO SCOOP $3.30, 5 tickets Gtd freebuy and I am too far from ITM. Villian was opening lot of hands, I saw it in replayer. I was just being moved to his table. But I can still see like last 10 hands on the new table and he opened all kind of mediocre hands to K7s from UTG, defended A6o from BB to huge raise and 3x is his standard raise size. It was purely read based that he is raising light from CO. Considering that does A9o fits into the resteal range with 22BB? STATS :
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    It's a great spot if you don't think he's calling too wide, I like the play.
    Got it in good aswell, unlucky.


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      it depends on what you are trying to accomplish... if you are trying to steal against a very loose opener that folds often to 3bets than yes, you can give arguments for this move, but if you do these against villains that never fold to this 3bet than i think its a mistake imo.... you can find much better spot to get this fishes chips, as you can see they are trying to hand them over.... i used to do the same thing, see a mega whale and take thin spots to get their chips before someone else does... and have somewhat reverted back to taking thin spots... i tend to get better runs when i swing the odds hugely in my favour... just the opinion of a fish umbup:


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        I am trying to achieve calls from worst like KQ, KJ, KT, K9s, JK, JQ, JT, QTs, AT-, etc and expecting him to fold his slighly better hands sometimes like incase he has 22-77 or AT, AJ, etc.
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          Hi adikumar2010

          Nice work. If villains standard raise sized have been 3x the big blind then I too would shove this hand against a villain that's getting out of line and I'd do it for a number of reasons. Reason number one would to pick up the pot ( roughly 20$ of our stack ) and reason number 2 would be to cement some history between us which will probably encourage him to stack off lighter than he usually would against us in another hand..

          Against a random op that I have no reads on I would fold the A9o pre ante with 24 big blinds most of the time in this spot but against someone that's getting out of line... it's a different story and I think it's a great opportunity to pick up some chips and let him know that he's not the only force to be reckoned with .

          Cheers, Chris.



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