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Tough spot on turn Help !!

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  • Tough spot on turn Help !!

    What to do on the turn?

    And should I 3-bet on flop or calling check-raise is fine there?

    Full Tilt Poker Game #34179219092: MiniFTOPS Event #17 (Day 1b) (264531901), Table 7 - NL Hold'em - 30/60 - 02:22:56 IST - 2014/04/29 [16:52:56 ET - 2014/04/28]
    Seat 1: soumi (3,911)
    Seat 2: Sharky1962 (4,355)
    Seat 3: JeffezAA_Win (5,575)
    Seat 4: xEvidencex (10,440)
    Seat 5: kb000lt (3,967)
    Seat 6: richard2417 (6,083)
    Seat 7: richie0606 (6,569)
    Seat 8: adikumar2010 (6,029)
    Seat 9: DiabloRex666 (2,801)
    JeffezAA_Win posts the small blind of 30
    xEvidencex posts the big blind of 60
    The button is in seat #2
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to adikumar2010 [Th Td]
    kb000lt folds
    richard2417 folds
    richie0606 calls 60
    adikumar2010 raises to 160
    DiabloRex666 folds
    soumi folds
    Sharky1962 folds
    JeffezAA_Win folds
    xEvidencex folds
    richie0606 calls 100
    *** FLOP *** [9s 3d 8s] (Total Pot: 410, 2 Players)
    richie0606 has 15 seconds left to act
    richie0606 checks
    adikumar2010 has 15 seconds left to act
    adikumar2010 bets 230
    richie0606 raises to 660
    adikumar2010 has 15 seconds left to act
    adikumar2010 has requested TIME
    adikumar2010 calls 430
    *** TURN *** [9s 3d 8s] [8d] (Total Pot: 1,730, 2 Players)
    richie0606 has 15 seconds left to act
    richie0606 bets 960
    adikumar2010 - ??

    Bracelet Winner

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    If you're confident in your flop call then why fold turn? Nothing changed, it's unlikely there were raising an 8

    What did he show up with in the past when he check raised flop?
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      I was not confident about my hand strength, that's why I asked for help
      Bracelet Winner


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        Hi adikumar2010

        Your raise sizing is good, I'd personally have made it at least a full 3x - 4x raise to build the pot as were both so deep.

        Tricky spot when villain check raises flop, he has pocket 3's or a draw most of the time or maybe a top pair hand like J9/10 9 if he's a fish.

        I too would call the flop raise with the intention of calling a turn bet if we see a friendly turn card. Villain will often have 10J/QJ hands as well as some super strong combo draws like 10Js/QJs. The more reads we have in villain the better but I would elect to either shove or fold his turn bet. We can call but were give villain the opportunity to make his hand. There's not many good river cards for us. Any picture card is a threat as is any spade.

        Our decision ought to be based on any reads that we have picked up on villain. If we have no reads I'd probably be inclined to just fold on the turn and wait for a better spot because I wouldn't want to be that guy that stacks off 86 big blinds with one pair.

        Cheers, Chris.



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