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EPTLive AK vs K8

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  • EPTLive AK vs K8

    Hi all, So, it's the late stages and I get the hand shown below. Would y'all call an all in also with this hand, or would you be inclined to fold? Should one raise only if there has been no other raises at this stage in the game, or should you call a raise of this magnitude? umbup:

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    Break my arm clicking the call button


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      Hi BlackHolden4! With only 7BB left, I get a shove by a 5.5BB stack in front of me. I need to accumulate chips and the opp (based on their chip stack and table position) should be open-shoving about 33% of hands, as they are more desperate to get chips than I am. If the opp is shoving this type of range, then I need to look to reshove with about a 19% range, which includes 33+, A3s+, A8o+, K9s+, KJo+, ATs+, QJo, JTs and T9s. My AKs is well within and at the top end of this range, so I'm re-shoving. I don't want to just call, as the bet pot-commits me and can give especially the button the correct odds to play back at me. AKs plays much better against one opp than multiple opps, so I want to do whatever I can to try and isolate the player that should have a wide range. Against only the initial shover, I'm a 2-1 favorite. If another opp gets into the hand, I can be a 2-1 to 3-1 underdog. If I did call, then the players behind only needs 26.9% hand equity in order to make a profitable call, which means that they can play OVER 60% of hands back at me profitably... and the bigstack button could easily do this. Unfortunately the opp hits their 3-outer but K8s IS within the opp's shove range, as they should be open-shoving suited kings down thru K4s. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. The difference between calling and re-shoving knocks a 3rd player (button) down from being able to play over a 60% range back at me profitably.. to needing better than a top 30% hand.
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