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Ship or Fold?

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  • Ship or Fold?

    It's on a poker room where HUD doesn't work, table was full of preflop limpers and they don't respect preflop raise. If they limp and you make it 4x they will call with there 78s, JQo, 22-99, etc.

    Level 4: 50/100.
    7 minutes blind level turbo.
    6 Handed.

    Blinds about to go 75/150 in 3-4 hands.

    My Hole Cards: Jh Qh

    Starting Stacks -
    badle_ki_aag: 2700
    acejacks682: 1900
    adikumar2010: 785
    bluedestroyer: 1900
    ashishmajithia: 3300
    MrGolds03: 1600


    UTG: badle_ki_aag called 100
    MP: acejacks682 called 100
    CO: bluedestroyer folded

    Pot Size: 350

    Button: adikumar2010 - ??
    SB: ashishmajithia : To Act
    BB: MrGolds03 : To Act
    Bracelet Winner

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    Ship, sorry you didn't win the hand.


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      The stack sizes dictate the correct course of action here. You're down to 7.5BB and desperately need to double up. You can't really afford to pass up opportunities to accumulate chips. If you allow yourself to get blinded down to 5BB or less, a double-up isn't going to help all that much, so you need to try get a double up when you're a bit deeper like you are now.

      The two limpers provide some extra dead money in addition to the blinds that is definitely worth trying to steal. QJs performs fairly well against a typical calling range, but if they're so loose that they might call with crap like 87o, then for me this is a clear shove.


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        Anyways I did just that:

        Button: adikumar2010 raised 785 is All-in
        SB: ashishmajithia called 735
        BB: MrGolds03 raised 1320 is All-in
        UTG: badle_ki_aag folded
        MP: acejacks682 raised 2480 is All-in
        Back to SB: ashishmajithia called 1795 (Has few chips behind as he got all 3 All-in stacks covered)

        Flop cards 9h 8s Qd
        Turn card 3s
        River card 3h

        ashishmajithia shows 7s 5s
        MrGolds03 shows Jc Kc
        acejacks682 shows Qc Qs
        adikumar2010 shows Jh Qh

        Winner acejacks682 amount 3240, Full House, Qc Qs Qd 3s 3h
        Winner acejacks682 amount 1905, Full House, Qc Qs Qd 3s 3h
        Winner acejacks682 amount 2320, Full House, Qc Qs Qd 3s 3h

        adikumar2010 leaves seat
        MrGolds03 leaves seat
        Bracelet Winner



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