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JQ suited (UTG)

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  • JQ suited (UTG)

    Please advise on any thoughts and suggestions on how to play such hands! Had a decent stack and thought that chip leader on the table and the guy on button exerting pressure for fold. Ofcourse I was wrong!

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    Hi there, I ran this through PokerStove. Do you really want to put your entire tournament on the line when you are out of position and don't have a made hand? Say both Seat 9 and The Button were two very tight players that played a 12% range of starting hands. Against these types of players you have roughly a 25% chance to win the hand. In other words, you'll lose in 3/4 times that this situation is played out. Suited connectors like this only play well in multi way pots where you get to see a cheap flop. They don't play well against a single opponent who have already shown strength by re-raising you preflop. I would fold to the Buttons re-raise here preflop and wait for better spots to come up to get the chips in the middle. You still got 47 big blinds after folding so still time yet to wait for better spots. This situation is too risky in my opinion to get the chips in the middle. Text results appended to pokerstove.txt 21,953,996,064 games 89.908 secs 244,182,898 games/sec Board: Dead: equity win tie pots won pots tied Seat 9: 37.322% 35.27% 02.05% 7744252471 449408324.83 { 77+, A9s+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, ATo+, KJo+ } Button: 37.322% 35.27% 02.05% 7744252471 449408324.83 { 77+, A9s+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, ATo+, KJo+ } Hero: 25.357% 24.33% 01.02% 5342333418 224467174.33 { QcJc } Raiser umbup:


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      I dont disagree at all...dont know what was I thinking.

      What I knew for sure was that these two players were aggressive and frequent stealers during position and due to their chip leadership.

      Played it poorly there...

      BTW what tool do you suggest for real-time equity and pot odds? I was playing without any tool yesterday and hence believe lacked real intelligence on these players


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        Originally posted by vjgaming View Post
        BTW what tool do you suggest for real-time equity and pot odds?
        Do a Goggle search for PokerStove It's easy to use and free also Raiser umbup:


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          Do you have any suggestions for MAC?

          I had used holdemindicator but has expired and been contemplating whether to invest in it OR look out for a better one. It doesn't seem to save historical stats for other players and loose it as soon as the player has moved from the table

          I have used trial version of poker tracker as well but am not sure if HUD there provides real - time EV, pot odds etc.?

          any suggestions pls.?


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            PT will be ok. Pot odds you do in your head. Realtime EV use the 4 and 2 rule . I hope this helps. On the hand , the raise was good, high blind & antes are worth stealing . You don't wanna call shoves with your chip stack. Are you aware bout M theory? This helps a lot with regards to tournament strategy when antes kick in .
            Last edited by awmm83; Sun Apr 27, 2014, 05:55 PM.


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              Hi vjgaming! The main key with this hand is the first action. QJs is not a strong enough hand to be opening in a tourney from UTG at a full table. The only hands with a Q or J in them that I should be opening are QQ and JJ. Even AQ is a marginal play from UTG. I then get a flat and a squeeze behind me. With multiple opps in the hand, this is one that I am very easily going to throw into the muck. I have a playable stack and do not want to be in a situation where I'm an overwhelming underdog in the hand. Most opps will have me outkicked or have a pair, so I'm behind all of them. I want to be putting my chips into the pot when I'm ahead, not when I'm behind. When playing from out of position, I need to be playing only very strong hands due to the positional disadvantage that I have. Anything marginal, I need to muck. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Raise smaller pre, 3x is overdoing it, you're not THAT deep, anywhere between 2 and 2.5x is fine.

                Fold once the button jams, you're not closing the action, the player left to act behind you has you covered, and the buttons range likely dominates the hand you have.

                I do like the open pre, provided the table isn't too aggressive and we think we have an edge on the field, however it isn't a mandatory open and if you want to avoid tough spots, you're probably better off folding pre.

                I wouldn't listen to JWK though, never go as far as folding AQ UTG, if you feel the need to be that nitty to show a profit you should probably unreg pre and think about whether poker is right for you, it clearly means the field is too tough for you and it's incredibly exploitable.

                Also JWK if you want to have an argument with me about this please try to discuss it with me don't just delete my opinion, I wasn't trying to be rude and I think what you did was incredibly unwarranted.

                This is a training site and I think it'd be great if we allow people that aren't ubernits talk so people can actually develop some versatility in their game.

                I was under the impression I'm allowed to post my opinion provided I'm trying to be constructive.
                Last edited by Quaquaversal; Sun Apr 27, 2014, 11:11 PM. Reason: I criticised an other members opinion in the nicest way possible but it got deleted for whatever reason, I fixed that now tho


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                  Thank You all. I have got some valuable insights.where can I get more insights on M theory and how to apply it on tables?
                  I am now focussing on passing the bubble and making it to final table. Any resources to read which can help here is appreciated.
                  Any MAC ON TABLE softwfare for EV and Pot Odds calculation? Advise if you know one for MAC. Thank again.


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                    The best book i have come across for M theory is Kill everyone by Lee nelson (Proven player.His hand range is the range Pokerschool online recommends. He is a Team Pokerstars pro . His nickname is final table lol) . They call it CSI ( Card score index) but it is the same thing. Harrington on Hold em is also great but i found it a harder read.

                    Kill everyone has a lot of good tactics for dealing with solid poker players in tournaments. Very aggressive. Very helpul charts too. Look it up.



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