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7$ fifty SNG, JJ with almost 20 BB facing 3bet all in preflop

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  • 7$ fifty SNG, JJ with almost 20 BB facing 3bet all in preflop


    Its 40/80 in fifty SNG
    I have 1500 in mid position and i raise 175

    Fold to the big blind "binwin", she is occasional player, maybe play only 1-2 tables at a time. She 3bet all in with the same stack size as mine. I dont use HUDs and i didnt pay much attention to her bcuase i multi 4 tables, but i guess she plays quite tight.

    When facing all in, my reason is that if she has bigger pair than mine why would she make this move to scare me away (i see lots of good REGs would just 3bet with QQ-AA but for AK they 3bet all in or just call for the flop, so with this reason in mind i snap call her and this costed me my stack)

    Should i call in this situation?

    Sorry that i dont have the official hand history, becuase i didnt think about posting here.
    But it still hurts, so i post

    Thanks for your answer guys

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    Hi Superguiman! When playing these tournies, while I want to be accumulating chips, I need to be able to survive and get ITM, as half the prize pool goes to just getting ITM. At 40/80 blinds, if I'm going to open a hand, I'm going to make a standard raise, which for this blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper (240 chips). If I want to be conservative, I can lower it to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper, but what I do not want to do is to raise to less than this. The reasoning behind it is that by raising small, I'll be pricing the opp in to play against me with a much wider range... which can cause me to get drawn out on much more often than normal. The opp now shoves on me. Here is where a read on the opp is not only necessary, but critical. If this is a tight opp, then they should be shoving a very tight range here, as their tournament life will be on the line. Their range here should be JJ+, AK+. Lesser hands should not be shoving. Against this range, I'm a 2-1 underdog. With this being the case, I'm folding. I've got a very playable stack and do not want to be taking an unnecessary risk when I'm going to lose 2 in every 3 times. When playing these tourneys, if you're without a HUD, I'd highly recommend dropping one or 2 tables if you're not able to concentrate enough to get a read on the opps. This information in them is critical, as I need to react differently, based on how the opps are playing. Also, in this tourney type, while I want to be accumulating chips (since each chip is worth $ in the end), because half the prize pool is just to the players that survive.... I need to play a bit tighter in them and can only be taking chances when I am the favorite in the hand OR when I have a very high +EV play. In this hand, I expect to lose chips by calling, so it's an easy fold for me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      With the raising size, i see lots of regs make these type of raise regularly (less than 2.5), may be they want to steal cheaply, so i copy them. I have to think more about getting drawn out.

      And for JJ, even playing hundreds if these SNG, its still hard to fold preflop

      thanks a lot JWK24
      I might come here often from now on


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        While betting smaller DOES allow for being able to make more steal attempts, especially the smarter regs will be able to take full advantage of this, as it prices in more and more hands.

        for example, at your level here, I only need to have 29.5% equity in my hand to be able to play it profitably against a raise to 175. Two live cards has 33% equity, so I can be playing a ton of hands profitably against this type of raise.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thanks again Johnumbup:



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