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Bigger $4.40 massive chip loss

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  • Bigger $4.40 massive chip loss

    Hiya Guys I hope this is not embarrassing for me and I think I am asking if I could play this hand any differently ? Set up: I was in the top 30 with a 71bb stack it was 86 2 hands before. I had been working on "table image" and to make myself look foolish (as with my stack no-one will come near me) Stacked off light a few hands before for 15bb with A9 os the villain had QQ my A9 in my thinking was either way was a good spot to look a weak player and even get lucky and pick up 15bb but his 70% favourite hand won and my image was decreased from the nit I am usually. So next hand: I think I played it right but got unlucky just a few of my friends have great thoughts on it so dont see the harm on asking for more. Thanks for looking Chillipops. .
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    Hi chilli,

    Firstly, fold the A9o. Think about the set up here. You have big chips and everyone is avoiding you according to your read... this is prime steal time, place your focus on attacking blinds of tight players/ladder climbers, and medium stacks who look like good 3b resteal targets. In this hand, the villain is not avoiding you by raising your BB. And he's doing so from UTG+1. And with a stack that could very reasonably shove first in with any positively playable hand, but he's not shoving. The whole thing reeks of AK or a big pair, so just let him have it imo.

    In the KK hand I don't like your preflop play tbh. The 3b sizing is a little bit big for this depth of money, but certainly KK is too strong to fold to his 4b even without him having seen the prior hand. I don't like calling it though and leaving 1 pot sized bet behind. I would simply put him all in directly preflop. If he has any light 4b range at all here, it is probably stuff like suited ace blocker hands which it's no big deal if he 4b/folds those (obv also not a problem if he stacks them off). Everything else is value which is probably TT+, AQs+ at least in this situation, so get all that in the middle now before it misses the flop or gets scared by overcards to it's pair. We cooler all value hands except AA, and he's not 4b/folding any value hand on this stack, so get him in pre.

    As played, c/c is fine on the flop since he has the initiative and a perfect sack size to shove all in on.
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      A9 hand : opp comes in for 3.5x bet with 15BB, there is no way I can't see him getting it in so the question you need to ask is "was A9 good enough to showdown with in that spot" - based on his position, the answer would be no, he showed great strength in his bet and A9 wasn't good enough IMO. You had the chips to do it but there is a big difference between using your stack to bully your opponents and being a calling-station for opponents who have a hand to eat into your stack.

      KK hand : your opponent was showing me he pretty much wanted to get it in. By calling here, you are giving yourself a tough spot if an Ace comes on the flop. What do you do if your opponent gets it in there, would you fold?

      If your opponent has AA, he isn't folding for anything
      If your opponent has Ax, he could fold if no Ace hits the flop

      Also, the preflop is a lovely amount of chips, sure we want our opponent to give us all of them but if you put them all in the middle, there is the possibility he could fold (however unlikely) and we completely protect ourselves from unlucky draws with Ax hands by getting a fold there. easy money.

      With the back and forth between you and your opponent, I am getting it in with KK preflop, the opponent looks willing to ship it.


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        Yes the A9 was a spew fo sho !

        The KK hand I think I play too passively and should be all in pre or on the flop open shoving ?

        I just got caught up in the moment with the 3 bet I think I was trying to run over the table and it cost me, I think I will try to time bank a bit on flop and the open shove as it takes his action away maybe ? Too much value syndrome I call it lol

        Thankyou ever so much for your thoughts I just need to take them in now.


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          As played, open shoving the flop would be horrible imo.

          The thing is, since we left him in the lead I think we should let him bet. I would expect the preflop 4-bettor to c-bet a low board with his entire range, including any bluffs he might have. Open shoving will fold out at least some of those low equity hands. So I think we do better check/shoving the flop now.
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