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3.30 progressive ko

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  • 3.30 progressive ko

    i think this may be a standard fold here in this spot... just making sure.... also calling in position instead of a 3b... couldnt get no stats... as pt4 is not working properly... the early limp i read as AA or not much.... from experience its usually one or the other but more the other... its the one in the blinds im more worried about... and when looking at it if i knew all hole cards, i think its a fold as at best we are splitting in a 3 way pot..

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    Hi 666bonez187! With JJ, I get an open-limp (which I agree is normally something marginal or possibly a monster) and then a raise to 240. Due to my stack size, I cannot call here. If I want to call to try to setmine, then I need to have 15x the bet in both my stack and the opp's stacks and I don't have that much, so this is not an option. My choices now, are to raise or fold. I now need to look at what a standard raise sizing will be. I would need to raise to 3x the previous bet (720) and this bet is going to cause another problem, as it is very close to pot-committing me. Due to this, I now have to shove or fold. Without a read on not only the players already in the pot, but the ones behind me, and due to the fact that this is a progressive KO (the knockouts get worth more later in the tourney), I'm going to let JJ go here in a situation where I could easily be in a multi-way pot and save my chips for later, when I can get more out of KO'ing someone. Another key with knockout tournaments. While the KO money is nice, the real money is in getting ITM and into the top 3 in the tourney. I don't want to risk winning the larger money to take a shot at smaller money earlier in the tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      ok cool ty... umbup:



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