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Isolation Shoving

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  • Isolation Shoving

    Like the title says: This was at the 3rd blind level of a $1 180 entry. The levels are 15 minutes. Both villains #2 and #4 play every flop that they are allowed to see with super loose ranges. If I just call the 3-bet here my fear is that they will come along. Villain #5 is much tighter, and has committed 1/3 of his stack; good indication that he will call my shove. Since I have a couple of AA KK blockers, my best guess was that he held QQ - which, as it turned out, was correct. I expect to be slightly behind his range. If I just call the 3-bet I will get villain #5 to fold if the flop contains an over-card. But I will not be able to tell if villains #2 or #4 have a better hand than mine. I will hold about 45% equity here, and the fish provide 6 big blinds of dead money if I just ship it in this spot. Was this the optimal play?
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    Hi Tonk Shuffle

    I too get this all in even though I'm not thrilled about it. Realistically we have no fold equity against player 5 and I wouldn't ever expect him to fold after committing such a large chunk of his chips but on the bright side it's unlikely that he has AA or KK as I'd expect him to make a smaller 3bet in hope of keeping you around.

    I think your average villains range here is JJ+/AQ in which case we have around 50% equity and with all the dead money in the pot it would make it correct to get our chips in.

    If player 5 is smart then I would actually expect his range to be wider than usual here because player 2 and 4 are playing a lot of trash hands that he could dominate.

    Nice hand, Chris.



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