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TPTK vs aggro villain on wet board

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  • TPTK vs aggro villain on wet board

    Stats: 26/19, 3bet 5,8, AF 5,8. I have 467 hands on FIST. Am i a huge nit? Diamonds busted, but JT got there. I call flop because i am not really sure FIST raise Q there because i am capable of barreling and everyone knows that. My image is loose and i am playing a lot of hands and raising preflop at least 30%.
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    Hi CrazYJohnnie! When it folds to me on the button with AK, I need to make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper (150). I do not want to bet small and give the opps in the blinds the correct odds to be in the hand. Betting too small gives them the odds and FIST is definitely smart enough to know this. When the flop checks to me, once again, I'm going to make a standard value bet. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With one opp, I need to bet 1/2 pot (125). No more, no less, as I need to keep all of my bets standard. Failure to do so will result in bet tells that the observant opps will then be able to exploit. I then get check-raised on the flop. This now narrows the opp's range to a Q, combo draw and pkt pair. Since I have nothing, I need to muck right here. Yes, I have 2 overcards, but even it I hit one, I may be way behind. The turn hits an A and the opp makes a larger than standard bet, this is almost always going to be a Q, so with only 2 pair, since I can't beat trip Q and only have 2 outs, once again, I need to fold. The river should be a blank (opp should not have a gutshot) and when they lead again, this is another easy fold. The keys here are to 1) make a standard bet preflop and not bet small to price in the blinds and 2) to make a standard flop bet and fold to the raise. Playing like a maniac in these promo games is not a winning combination long-term. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks for the input John, however:
      -At these blinds i am always raising 2X, if i raise 2X everything then bet sizing might be a tell. Also i would be raising from all positions 2.5X, but on the button i am usually minraising because this allows me to keep my range wide and maneuver vs 3bets.
      -I do play pretty laggy, but that is because most people are tight and i still manage to get to FT's often so i believe this is the right approach. Obviously, if everyone was playing like me i would sit and wait for premiums.
      -And yeah when i have to play active i play small ball to not get involved in pots too much so that i either win big pots or loose small ones.


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        If you min from the button, you automatically give the opps the odds. If you do this to a smarter opp, you will get burnt by it over and over and over....

        You can do it when the raise means a considerable portion of a player's stacks, but not when you're deeper.

        John (JWK24)

        P.S. If you do that, the BB just needs to have 2 backs on the cards to be able to play them profitably against you.
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          nice reply
          thanks john


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            Hey guys,

            As you probably know, I favor opening for a min-raise in many tournament situations, and explain why and when often in my live trainings. Here in this spot, I would open the button to 4x, and I wouldn't bat an eye at 5x depending on who was in the blinds.

            Why? Because we are ~400 bb's deep effective. This is not your typical MTT situation. It's deeper than most cash game situations you'll be in.

            So to the point John makes about not wanting to give the blinds a fair price to see a flop... I believe that on 400bb effective the opponents are getting such a price even for 4x, but many/most will not recognize this or even be considering stack size/depth of money here. So they will make the mistake of folding many hands that are playable with this much money behind, and also behave more straight forward post flop when they do call for 4x (which is obviously nice for us). And Johnnie re: your concern for room to maneuver post flop and vs. a 3-bet (a big reason I steal for 2 x in many situations, actually), I think these are not concerns super deep... if I 4x and a blind player makes it 9x-12 x, or even lets say they 3b very large and make it 15x... if I elect to call, I'm putting in 11x more with 385x behind to play post flop, plenty of maneuverability and I will have the positional advantage, which once they bloat the pot some is going to leave them with many very uncomfortable turn/river spots for large bets.

            As for the hand, I prefer to check behind this flop tbh, and vs. an aggressive player we can then call turn/river with bluff catching value. As played, fold to the flop c/r, or if you call it, I think you simply must call the river with this level of improvement. We will get shown Qx a fair bit for sure, but since we don't block any diamond draws FIST will also have about the maximum bluffs possible. Not to mention, he's not putting us on AK high too much when we call the c/r, we look like a pocket pair, so he can easily be betting the river with a hand like AdTd for value against KK/JJ
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