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A9s - flop top-pair & nut-flush draw - put all-in on flop

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  • A9s - flop top-pair & nut-flush draw - put all-in on flop

    This is from the Online Poker Show Freeroll - FT or bust... 53BB stack to start the hand, but in this freeroll have to win it for the big prize. I min-raise under the gun with Ad9d and two big stacks call. The flop gives me top pair and a nut flush draw and I bet only to get shipped on by the first opp who is called by the second. I call all-in and am at risk. Board runs out crazy and legitimate hands on flop all improve. I expected my flopped pair of nines to be behind but with the draw as well presumed I had fair equity - and play is generally loose and very aggressive in these. Was it too many chips to call off the 47 BBs on the flop though? Ed
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    well you was very unlucky there and the pp ks very lucky slow playing ks is always dangerous and if not for a very lucky turn and river he was dead. with your hand you got what you wished for top pair with a flush draw what you even hit, When reraised and someone else calling as well its obvious one had a higher pp and or trips if not both, so obviously you would be behind on the flop, but with your flush unless the board paired you know your gonna be winning so in that very short time you have to consider all the facts the only real one to consider is are you feeling lucky


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      Hi Ed! With A9s, if I wanted to open with it at this blind level, I'm going to open for 2500 (I don't drop to 2200, 2.2BB, until the next blind level). I don't min-raise, as I'll be giving at least the blinds the correct odds to be in the hand, if not others too. When I flop TPTK and a NFD, I'm going to make a lead value bet and the key is the sizing. With 2 opps in the hand, I need to bet 2/3 pot (5667). I don't want to bet smaller than this or it'll look to the opps like I have a draw (as many opps bet small when they have a draw). This is a tell that many players will look for, so I want to avoid it. I want all of my bets to be standard. I then get 2 shoves over my lead bet. I now need to see if I have the odds to call. I need to put 47140 into a pot that will be 161920 (29.1%). I have 9 outs to my flush and 2 more to a 9, so I have 11 outs. Since I get to see both streets, each out is worth 4% equity, so I have 44% equity in my hand. With my hand equity being higher, I'm making the call here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        umbup: Against two allin players, I think this is an easy call. You are always behind, but you have enough equity to triple up, which with 160bb, can send you very deep into the tournament. That there is only one prize and it's a freeroll, it makes it even easier.



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