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advice needed here...

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  • advice needed here...

    its in a $2.75 mtt 300 left 252 paid, we are top 100 before the hand.

    please post what you thin i should be doing here

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    ** moved to NLHE Tournament Hand Analysis **
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      Hi sparkes25! What read did you have on the opp? This is critical information that will determine my play. If the opp is aggressive or tight, I'm mucking preflop. I'd either be way behind the opp's range or get into too much trouble for too much of my stack postflop. Against a loose-passive, then I'm can either muck or 3-bet to 2200 (only if I think the opp will fold to a 3-bet). I don't want to call this OOP, as I then will be in too many spots postflop where I have absolutely no clue if I'm ahead (should bet) or behind (should check/fold). If I see the flop (which I most likely would not), when I see that I hit a pair on a board that should miss the opp, I absolutely need to make a 1/2 pot value bet (1221 chips). I cannot check. My plan for the rest of the hand is this... if the opp raises me on the flop, I need to fold. If the opp calls, then I'm not putting another chip into the pot unless my hand improves. The key here is a read on the opp and without one, I'm mucking preflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        I agree with JWK24, there just isn't much reason to play this hand, I mean the villain is UTG, how many chips is he going to put in on a flush board or a straight board when he is way behind? But I'm rarely 3betting UTG with it, I will call sometimes with suited connectors when we are both deep enough. Calling the flop is ok, but
        I'm not calling the turn unless I improve.

        But I really hate your bet on the river.

        When we think about betting we should always ask two questions:

        What better hands can fold?
        What worse hands can call?

        I can't think of a single better hand that is folding to your river bet, or a single worse hand that is calling.

        We should always be betting for value, semibluffing a draw, bluffing or merge betting (merge-we could have the best hand or we could be bluffing, we don't know which). Obviously betting the river isn't a semibluff and usually merge hands are show down hands or bluff catchers on the river. The only other reason to bet the river with a weak pair is to set the price, but I don't like doing that since he isn't bluffing the river very often anyway.


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          I think you should be folding preflop, playing 5high OOP vs UTG opener is -EV imo.
          That said, i play random hands every now and then, but usually in position and with initiative, and i certainly would not bother 3betting UTG opener with low SC's even on BTN.
          Also it is micro tourney i really doubt that people have UTG bluffing range there.



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