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$1 180 Entry SNG

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  • $1 180 Entry SNG

    With 12bb left I should have just shipped it pre-flop. The button is loose, but I do not have much history on him. The blinds are tight. The plan was to fold if one of the blinds came over the top. I decided not to c-bet with the A on the flop, but to rather check/fold if he bet. Checking the turn was nitty on my part, probably the 2nd mistake. I should have shoved at this point. On the turn I felt that he had a weaker queen or had picked up a draw. Calling the bet would have pot committed me anyway, and though there is no real fold equity, I hoped that shoving leveraged some strength. Was it a mistake to go with this line?
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    Shove preflop. I think this is good spot because:
    1) tight villains in the blinds, you put them in danger so they will need very strong range to call you.
    2) even if loose villain calls you with Ace rag, its 40/60 which is not bad with 12BB. They can also call with Kx,Qx which you dominate or small pairs vs which you flip.
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      Hi Tonk Shuffle

      Yes this is a certain shove all in spot for you. Although there are no ante's we ought to be getting our chips in the middle.
      If you raise and get called you are always going to be left in a disastrous situation unless you flop top pair and the reason why it's so disastrous is because if you decide to c-bet then all of a sudden you've committed a huge chunk of your stack to the hand so if your c-bet gets called you're going to have to either give it up or shove all in for a pot sized bet on the the turn.

      As played I'd check with the intention of folding to any bet. Villain could from time to time have a worse Q than us or even a stone cold bluff but he will have Ax a lot of the time and if we fold we still have 10 big blinds left to find a better spot.

      Cheers, Chris,



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