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1$ SNG, NFD+Medium pair Top kicker

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  • 1$ SNG, NFD+Medium pair Top kicker

    This is 6max tourney. BB is 50/1, 0,3 AF over 132 hands SB is 74/42 over 47 hands, but very aggressive, 3 bet 80, AF 10,6 I make standard raise form BTN, SB min 3bets and i am priced in. IF short stack busts, it is good for me. How would you play this hand? $50/$100 Blinds No Limit Holdem - *** 04 04 2014 23:05:58 Tournament #57069547 $0.85 + $0.15 - Table #1 (Real Money) SB: zimmer777 ( $5,280 ) BB: TOTALGUY ( $1,455 ) BTN: CrazyJohnnie ( $2,265 ) zimmer777 posts small blind [$50] TOTALGUY posts big blind [$100] ** Dealing down cards ** Dealt to CrazyJohnnie [ ] CrazyJohnnie raises [$200] zimmer777 raises [$250] TOTALGUY calls [$200] CrazyJohnnie calls [$100] ** Dealing flop ** [ ] zimmer777 bets [$900] POT SIZE BET TOTALGUY calls [$900] CrazyJohnnie folds
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    i dont think semi bluff all - in in here is a mistake even with overpair you got a lot of outs


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      Originally posted by ezyabc View Post
      i dont think semi bluff all - in in here is a mistake even with overpair you got a lot of outs
      Even SB being aggro villain, when bets this board into two people for full pot size bet this is never bluff, and he is never folding, but the most important part of this is ICM spot, i am lazy to make calculations, but when we fold here and short stacked villain busts out we win pretty good in a long term.


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        Hi CrazYJohnnie! Where are we at in the tourney? It says table 1, but is this the FT? if not, where are we at in relation to getting ITM and what are the stacks on the other tables? If it's 2 out of the 3 left cash, then due to the fact that the BB is not all-in, I'm going to call the flop bet here. If the BB was all-in, then I'm going to shove. The key is that I want it to be 2 against 1 to get the shorty out of the tournament. If the BB was all-in, even if I lose the hand to the bigstack, they go out first, so I'd get 2nd place. If there are other tables involved, then I need that information to decide what the best course of action is. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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