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A7s / Fold on the turn

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  • A7s / Fold on the turn

    Hi, Didn't know much about villain, he hadn't played in an orbit, but when he did, he 3-bet PF with AKo. No post-flop info either. Note: 0.25c
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    now this is the problem with raising with ace rag it may have been suited and looked pretty, but you had too many players to go past just to attempt a blind steal, so when you get the aces on the flop it leaves you with no real clue where you stand, all him pushing at that point showed was he had the ace and your betting and play tbh made you look like you didnt, and maybe was betting a pp
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      Hi shynleigh355! A7s is way too weak of a hand to be opening from early position. If I was in the cutoff or button and it folded to me, I'd make a standard open to 150 (3BB+1BB for each limper), but from any position earlier than this, it's way too weak of a hand. From UTG+1, the only aces that I'm playing are AKs, AK, AQs and even AQ is marginal. If I saw the flop (which I would not), when the opp checks, I need to make a standard value bet. With one opp in the pot, I need to bet 1/2 pot, so I will bet 137 (no more, no less, as I need to keep all of my bets and raises standard). The same on the turn. When checked to, I need to bet 1/2 pot (no more, no less). The opp now shoves. I'm calling here and this is the reasoning for it. A better A should be leading the flop and the turn, so they shouldn't have a better ace. With this being the case, the only hand that they can rep when the 8 hits the board is 88.. and if they have it, so be it, I'm paying them off. Their bet here is most likely a bluff and one that is brought on by the bet sizing of the initial raiser. The smaller than normal preflop bet says that it's a strong enough hand to open, but on the weaker end due to the small bet. The flop bet is then larger than normal, which says strength (could be an A or pair). The turn bet is now smaller than normal, which says weakness).... it's not a consistent line that an A should make and looks like a small pair, which sets up a perfect shove-bluff... as if the opp doesn't have an A, they can't call. The key here though, is to muck ace/rag from early or middle position. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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