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NLHE / A8s / Call on the river

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  • NLHE / A8s / Call on the river

    Hi, This is a 10 min blind tournament (LAPL bronze), hence why I was opening "looser". Despite the result of this hand, I'm not convinced it was the best move. I was really hoping for some missed draws right over there, but it was quite different. If I had folded, I would have lost a lot of chips in a spot where I should have won the pot. Some tips on how to handle this value/bluff situation ? Note: frequent limper / didn't play enough post-flop.
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    Fold pre


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      Why play a weak hand OOP with a 100 BB stack?


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        Hi shynleigh355! With longer blind levels, this allows me to be able to play tighter, not looser. The smaller the blind level, the looser that I need to play due to the blinds going up more frequently. With longer ones, I want to wait and play more hands in position or with better hands. Playing more hands, especially marginal ones OOP is a leak that many players have. With A8s from UTG, this is a snap-fold for me. The range that I should be opening from UTG here is AK+ or maybe AQs. Any other non-paired ace is too weak and needs to be folded. If I did have a hand that I wanted to play, I need to make standard bets. 3BB+1BB for each limper preflop at this blind level and 1/2 pot postflop against one opp. Making non-standard bets are most likely tells for hand strengths and if an observant opp picks up on it, they will notice that the overbet on the flop with a board that should have missed the overwhelming majority of a preflop raiser's range is a bluff and come over the top... which A8s must then fold to. As played, can't call the river with nothing. I either need to lead the river as a bluff, for 1/2 pot or check/fold. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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