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NLHE / JJ / Fold on the flop

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  • NLHE / JJ / Fold on the flop

    Hi, Here is a typical situation that summarizes it all. I often enough find myself making bad calls and folds, and, as consequence, I lose money in long run. I've searched for materials that can help me with tough post-flop decisions, but haven't found. Can you give me some help with that ? Thanks.
    Double Bracelet Winner

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    Hi shynleigh335

    I like your raise sizing on the button and I'd have played the hand exactly how you did. With 20 big blinds we will from time to time get into awkward situations where the flop brings an overcard to our pocket pair, and what makes these hands difficult to play for the most part is our stack size. We will often cbet flop, villain will call, and before we know it we have a little over a pot sized bet left and we're hoping to that we get to a cheap showdown which is why I go for the delayed c-bet/pot control line a lot of the time.

    Folding flop is best here. Villain 6 could be donk betting with worse than Qx but villain 7 is unlikely to be calling villain sixes bet with worse than Qx so if you do decide to call or shove you're taking a very big risk and I'd expect you be be behind more often than not.

    Cheers, Chris.


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      Bad raising


      I think it was very bad raise with JJ, you were on the Button and even though you had a strong winning chance, you gave the others possibility to win with trash hands with that small raise. BB already added 1xBB and SB just needed to put 1.5BB to see the flop.

      If a scenario of with Big Stacks happened to me most of the times like you had, i would force to think them about possibility of loosing as much as big their stacks.

      Even if one of them Had AK same suited which is not big possbility, and other has not very good connector 10-8 off-suited, you had more chance of winning then AK by more than %1, a little bettter then coin-flip.

      I would have all-in most of the times with that hand.

      Because you just raised 1BB, total to 2BB, it's possible that most of the times it's a steal attempt if not always. You would have lost to bad combination like q-x.

      Anyway, i'm far away from a pro-player but i never deposited and collecting 100VPPs per month having a little bankroll which is around 10$ in generall...



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