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QJs 22bb standard squeeze shove?

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  • QJs 22bb standard squeeze shove?

    MicroMillions-032 [Sunday Storm Special Edition] Weird spot. MP opens for 3x with a 15bb stack. *I didn't realize this until just now* HJ flats. I have QJs... I can't call here. It's shove or fold? I didn't realize I have zero fold equity. MP(24):25/13/2.0 HJ(90):36/14/0.7
    Last edited by dirt eh; Sun Mar 16, 2014, 09:27 PM.

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    Hi dirt eh

    If villain 4 had a 25+ big blind stack I'd still find a fold. When randoms open for the full 3x they tend to have a legit hand or it's a hand that they are determined to play which reduces your fold equity quite substantially.

    The chances of getting the original raiser to fold (assuming he has a 25+bb stack) is too slim for my liking. If he had made it or 2.5x then I think this isn't a bad spot to squeeze as long as we know that villain raise folds quite frequently.

    We have a ton of fold equity against player 5 (36/14) which makes this shove ever so tempting but we ought to be folding imp and obviously if we realized that villain 4 had only 15 big blinds we ought to insta fold.

    Cheers, Chris.


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      Thanks Chris, yea I didn't see that the original raiser only had 15bb. So you would prefer a shove here with 25bb+ effectively? What stack depth would we just call?


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        Where can I check how many big blinds I have at start



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