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The hot .55

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  • The hot .55

    How could I have got maximum value?

    The info I have on the villain is extremely tight, I have played against this guy many times before and anytime I
    raise or reraise he folds, I was trying to trap him - unsuccessfully of course - any suggestions?

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    Hi auntyrae! With KTs from the BB, I can play this two ways preflop. I can either check and sandbag my hand some or if the opp is loose, I can make a standard raise to 120 (3BB+1BB for each limper). I'll play it both ways, so that it varies my play some and so that the opp won't be able to get a read on me. I flop the nut flush, but this is a board that can very easily connect with the opp too, since there are two broadways on it. Due to this, I'm going to make a standard value bet on the flop of 1/2 pot (38 chips). Most people are going to expect a high flush to check and try to trap, so I'm going to lead. By leading here, it makes it look like I have an A or a draw... so I can get called by less. The turn gives me a royal and here is where I'm going to once again, make it look like I had an A and I'm going to check (like I'm scared of the flush) and hope that the opp has a spade and bets. If they bet, I'll just call. The river pairs the A and since the opp checked behind on the turn (has a low spade if they have one), I'm going to try to continue the line of making my hand look like an A and make a value bet. The key with the river bet is the sizing of it. A standard bet to price opps out for any draws on the flop or turn is 1/2 pot, but this is the river, so I don't need to worry about any further cards. Due to this, I'm going to make a thin value bet here of about 1/3 pot (65 chips). I don't want to bet too much on the river, as it will basically turn my cards face-up to the opp (slowplaying a big spade) as it makes it look like I'm trying to trap on the turn and then since there was no bet on the turn... trying to bet too much to make up for lost value for not betting on the turn. The key with big hands like this is to make a bet on the river that the opp will call. If I bet too much and they fold, I get nothing for my monster hand, so I want to size my bet smaller, so that lesser hands will be tempted to call. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks John, some great insight there, I hadn't considered repping an A. I'll definitely try that should this scenario arise again



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