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$0.10 turbo

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  • $0.10 turbo

    about 1/4 through here, i'm assuming i played this hand right? and just got sucked out majorly by the suited connectors thanks to yet another pokerstars hand winning river card.

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    I think you should be minraise this not 3x open, but sure nothing to do against that lose.
    About "suck out by river card" i would say stop beign result oriented. The thing is, you only remembering the rivers you get sucked out with, but what about all the river cards that got there and didnt suck out? What abou the river cards that made you suck out opponent? Also 87s vs AKo, your AKo will be losing 41% of times. But surely 87s is bad move from Villain6.



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      Hi Parkyboy94! I like the way you played it. For this blind level, my standard raise is to 3BB+1BB for each limper (I drop to 2.5BB+1BB at 100/200 and drop further at 1k/2k). When the opp comes over the top, I'm more than happy to get it in with AK here. I also agree with bungakat on NOT being results oriented. That's a huge problem that many players have and something that I need to avoid. I want to make the best decision at a given point in time. As a poker player, that is the one and only thing in my control. Make the best decision and then whatever happens, happens. I do have to remember though, that while I am the favorite in the hand, I WILL LOSE this over 40% of the time. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. Once the opp raises, they ABSOLUTELY MUST call. Their hand has over 40% equity and their pot equity to call is only 24%.. so it IS a positive EV play for them to call the shove.

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        Hi Parkyboy, well played, just unlucky there.

        @JWK: Won't it be better to just open shove since you are likely to get called by worse at these stakes?
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          I can absolutely make a case for open-shoving too.. but I tend to not do it until about 10BB (personal choice). Certainly can't fault someone for doing it though.

          John (JWK24)

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