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Satellite Bubble

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  • Satellite Bubble

    Hi guys.... I need some input on Satellites bubble strategy.

    I am aware that in satellites you are supposed to play the bubble differently to MTT, as was explained in one of the course here... it was by Dave I think.

    Before the Sunday Million's anniversary 2 weeks ago, I deposited to Pokerstars and got my self a $55 and a $11 sat tickets, I reached the bubble, and I had some spots where I was a bit confused. I'd love to post the hand directly but I can't find the hand, I was sure I saved it, but somehow I can't find it, sorry.. I'll try to be as detailed as I remember though.

    $55 Sats (turbo):
    I posted BB, had a fairly healthy stack to negotiate one more orbit, well safe in ITM. I assumed that 90+% the sat would ended before another BB reached me. I predicted I would be all in by the time the SB reached me next time.

    #1: I was BB (above situation). dealt AKo. A somewhat loose aggro villain that covers me shoved from early pos. I fold (I'm confident with this decision).

    #2: Later I was cutoff. Dealt JJ. The same loose aggro villain that covers me shoved from UTG. After mulling for a while, I fold.

    I ended survived the orbit, won the qualifier at 69 out top 100 that qualifies, with the bb 2-3 position away from me.

    $11 sats (turbo):

    I was on the button, with enough stack to survives the orbit. I assumed that there's 75-85% chance the sattelite will end before BB reached me again, if it reached me, I will definitely be All-In by posting BB.

    The whole table folded to me. SB had virtually equal stack with me, BB has double my stack and should be able to call, lose, and survives the next orbit. My stack was 3-4 bb. My hand was A6o. I mulled for quite a while, and then shoves. SB instafold, BB called and woke up with AA, I busted.


    P.s. I busted the Sunday Millions at 13,000ish place.

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    Here's my thoughts on satellite bubble strategy.... and I'm in one live in 5 hours where the winner of the tourney I'd satty into gets a WSOP ME seat, which is also later today.

    If I have enough chips to get the ticket, then I'm not playing a hand.. not even AA.

    If I don't have enough chips to be 100% certain that I'm in, then I need to find any opportunity that I can to accumulate enough chips to get in and when doing so, I want to be picking on the smaller and medium sized stacks as they'll be the most likely to fold.

    The bottom line is.. if I don't have enough chips to be assured of getting the ticket, then I need to look for spots to get the chips that I need to get in.

    The $55 turbo was very well played. Don't know the few hands before the A6, but it sounds like this one was played correctly too (although I don't want to get down to 1BB.. I'd rather pick a hand and go while I still have chips).

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      I agree with John, satellite strategy is far different than regular tournament strategy.. The idea is to figure out where you need to be to survive the bubble

      I typically have found that being in average place by twice the tickets in field is a good point to start playing the time bank and hoping that others do the same

      You really want to be folding any hand until you get to 75% of the current field and at this point you are at risk of going out

      So as an example, if 100 players left and tickets pay 50, at this point it's time to start going into slow play...

      As long as you are 1-75 position you want to play very passive but if you are in say 82 then you want to start looking for a spot to get a chip up and get on the other side of the 75% number

      I treat this like I do shove/fold with 10bb, so I only get desperate when I hit this point because I reckon that i won't make the ticket spots otherwise

      Feel free to correct me and use different buffer zones numbers based on other factors but this is usually a good guide for me

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