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2,5$ 180 SnG, top pair top kicker vs river shove.

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  • 2,5$ 180 SnG, top pair top kicker vs river shove.

    Hi! Ok, so here we go again! No information about opp cause this is early stages. I need some advices or critics about my line of play. Board was superwet. Also he was instantly checking the turn. What I dont like in my play was a weak play on the turn. This makes me look weak. Hard to say what he has here but IMO he beats me here most of the time. Any J, 24 two pair combos (I dont count 2 here. IMO its a blank card)and a flush. I only beat here bluff, smaller pairs or weaker Q (which must to be Q7 or lower or KQ). Not much. Thank you!
    Last edited by MyNumber7; Tue Mar 11, 2014, 12:16 AM.

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    Can someone analize my hand? Or it just too hard?...


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      You played it perfectly,i loved that check on the turn you made him think you have a week hand.I would have played the hand the same way. umbup:
      Bracelet Winner


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        Hi MyNumber7

        I like the way you played it and we ought to be insta folding to villains river shove.

        Preflop is fine I make it the full 3x blind on blind at this stage of the tournament too.
        Cbet sizing is good now on the turn we have two option, option number one is to check with the intention of calling a bet from villain or we can bet ourselves and I think either option is fine. I think I would elect to bet just because we have the nut flush draw as well as tptk but checking is fine.

        Bet folding the river is perfect. I don't think that villain will value bet his 1 pair hands and I don't think he will be raising our bet with anything worse than the straight, so our bet on the river is more of a blocker bet than a value bet imo.

        Nice hand, Chris.


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          Thanks, fellas!



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