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MTT late stage red JJ facing overcard on black flop

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  • MTT late stage red JJ facing overcard on black flop

    This hand is from the late stages of the Privilege Freeroll. I had just won a pot that put me in the top ten with about 60 players remaining from a huge field of 23K I start the hand with a 48BB stack - the largest at my table. I am UTG+2 and open for a 2X min-raise holding JJ. I get a call from the cut-off who has an 18BB stack. Flop comes Q high with two clubs. Qs 3c 9c I c-bet under half-pot 90K into 213K and get called. The turn is a 4d pretty much a blank. The opp has just over pot sized stack left. I decided to barrel again for just over half pot. They called again. The river is Jc - giving me a set and overtaking possible hands that I was behind like Qx, but completing club flush draws and a straight for KT. I just put the opp all-in on the river and lost. Could I have played this differently and was my bet-sizing too small? Ed
    4 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Hi Edin,

    When your opponent has a short stack size, it's critical to think how your bet sizing on each street influences what might happen on future streets.

    I think depending on the villain, you've got several decent approaches to this hand.

    If he's quite tight, fit or fold or otherwise scared of busting out, you can CBet quite small, even something like 1/3 pot and expect him to fold all his non Qx, and hands without a flush draw. This then allows you to CBet against this villain type really wide, even when you also have nothing. If he calls, then you check/fold turn and river hoping to see a cheap showdown.

    However if your opponent is sticky/bad, you could bet both streets for value, in which case I would make the CBets bigger so you can just shove turn. However I would really need a solid read to do this.

    If your opponent is bad hyper-aggro guy, you could check/shove for value, again solid reads would be needed. I'd target someone who was playing something crazy like 75/44 to try this play on.

    Against an unknown, I would choose the first line as my default - there's no need to waste a whole load of chips on a marginal EV spot when you'll be able to hang around and find much clearer spots later on in the tournament.



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