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Big 27.5

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  • Big 27.5

    Is the fold in any point option?

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    ** moved to NLHE Tournament Hand Analysis **
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      I think there is a case for folding preflop to the initial raise, the UTG raise is over 12 BBs, and I think AK is behind well over 50% of the ranges here, and really only ahead of AQ, AJ. With so much action to come behind you and you having 35BB, I wouldn't consider folding here to be a bad play.

      Unless this player has just lost a big pot and you consider this a tilt all in, or he has been raising all in for a lot of pots previous to this, I would probably look to fold this.

      In the end you got your chips in slightly behind EV (39.7% total pot vs 35.4 win %)

      In saying that, a call is definitely not unreasonable, and having called, I think you are committed to call the reraise.
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        Shove pre. No other play.


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          Flatting here with the intention of calling any 3bet jam is definitely the right play.

          The problem of flatting is you will be force on a tough spot post flop if you end up getting called. To save you from trouble just Jam it.

          You flip it with QQ and lose, no problem next time it's your turn

          good luck in your games, birday


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            Hi rudar47

            I think you played the hand fine. I would prefer to of iso raised rather than call but calling is fine none the less.
            This is one of them spots where we get it all in with AK but we're not thrilled about it.
            Villain 8's range ought to be super tight , JJ+/AKo seems about right on average and having committed a large chunk of our stack to the pot I think we're getting a great price on our money more often than not.

            I feel like this is a cooler and although we ought to be able to sense danger we can't fold our hand given the action in front of us.

            Cheers, Chris.



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