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NLHE, World Record Tournament, SB A8d

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  • NLHE, World Record Tournament, SB A8d

    After beating the hand replayer I finally can post this for a review! This hand has been on my head ever since I lost with it. General thought process was to call pre-flop because I didn't think A8 suited is good for raising/shoving. Post-flop I'm not really sure why did I check, it was more of a snap play wanting the free card if I can get it. After they bet, I decided to shove, since I thought I had the best hand. I'm sure I miss played somewhere (the check comes to mind) but not exactly where and how. Where did I make the mistake? Also, how does A8 in general stands up in different positions pre/post flop?
    Last edited by w1nteeer; Sun Feb 23, 2014, 11:40 PM.

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    OMG im so mad i forgot about this tourney, villains going all in with king high flush draw omg. Tho it was a huge bingo fest i spose.
    As played, i mean, call pre is fine, raising is, hmm also not bad, but in SB, almost never doing it, and because you are also gonna get called by all those villains because of low buyin this tourney has. I think with suited ace like this you should just go with it if you happen to hit flush or flush draw. And simply fold when villain makes this big bet, you could be outkicked so often, you are drawing very thin.
    Suited Aces are nice to have in your late position opening range, also you can sometimes flat raise+callers or single loose raiser in position deep stacked, but proceed with caution if you happen to flop only Ace, because your kicker will be bad very often. You want to play small pot, thats why position matters.
    When you flop something better than top pair, it sometimes makes for very disguised hand, like when you have A8 on A82 board and villain has AK, you can see the trouble he is in.


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      There is half of your stack in the middle, nobody shoved strength pre-flop, I would shove there pre-flop.


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        Hi winteeer

        With 4000 chips (half of our stack) in the middle and no signs of strength shown from our opponents I would elect to shove all in preflop because not only do you have lots of fold equity but you are also quite likely to have the best hand so even when you're called you're likely to be ahead and with all that extra money in the pot it's a very good spot. In fact I would go as far as saying that it would be a mistake to not shove this hand preflop.

        As played I think we have two options, we either shove the flop or we fold and at this stage of the hand, with so much money in the middle I too would hope for the best and cram it in.

        Cheers, Chris.
        Last edited by ChewMe1; Wed Feb 26, 2014, 12:28 AM.


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          as they all have said, SHOVE IT PRE FLOP and get that fold equity



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