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Pocket Kings Pre Flop

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  • Pocket Kings Pre Flop

    HI I would like some thoughts on this hand. My reads are he definitely has a premium hand here. So with stack sizes and potential for a deep run do I ever fold here? Thanks chuckkky

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    About 3500 left and min cash starts at 1440.
    I guess I answered my own question.
    Thanks Anyway


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      My reads are you only have 13bb so should either be shoving or min-raising to induce action. When you get that action, especially a squeeze, I don't really know why you aren't
      I wouldn't even contemplate folding near bubble, which you are not.


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        Snap-shove over the squeeze. Contemplating anything else but jamming seems ultra-nitty even to me.

        I mean, I'm stacking off 100bb in a cash game with KK, never mind 13bb in a tourney.
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          Hi chuckkky! Since you say 1440 cash, I'm assuming that this probably came from an open-league game. With 12BB, I have two ways that I can go about this hand (and in this situation, they're actually the exact same two choices that I have in a cash tourney). If I think that a shove will get called, I'm more than happy to open-shove (even in a league game, if I'm going out by putting a stack in preflop, it will be with AA, KK). OR... I can make my standard raise (which for me is to 2.2BB+1BB for each limper) and hope to get action this way. I then get a flat and a squeeze. When the squeeze happens, personally, I've got the 1812 overture going off in my head... I can't get my chips in fast enough since I have a premium, made, hand! If the opp has AA or draws out on me.. so be it, I'll get in the next tourney, as I'm miles ahead of the others' ranges and made the correct play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            Thanks for your replies. This was from the Sunday Spark 9559 starters The only reason I even thought about folding (not really I just thought he's got fkn Aces) Was because of his small squeeze bet size in to 2 small stacks. If he was just trying to squeeze steal I would think he would just shove? Anyway I was cheering on the flop and crying on the river Here's the result.



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