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1.50$ single table SNG JJ tough spot.

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  • 1.50$ single table SNG JJ tough spot.

    Hey, I came across this spot with JJ in the later stages of a 1.50$ SNG on pokerstars. I was 3rd in chips with 5 players left. Anyways as you will see in the replayer I got it all in vs 33's and lost. However that's not my question. I have been analysing it myself and I am wondering if I should of taken a different betting line. Should I of open shoved so he would outright fold? Is it worth it just for the blinds in that spot, instead of hoping he bluff all ins to push me off? Is there anyway I should just fold that hand instead of betting and wait out the two short stacks? After 100 hands his vpip/pfr was 11/11, considering this should I of just folded to his re-raise all in(and lose a sizeable portion of my stack)? I definitely did not put 33 in his range when he shoved there. I thought his range was 77+ AJs+ AQo+ and maybe KQs. Again, I know that I just got unlucky and that JJ was a good call vs 33, just one of those things. But my real question is should I of taken a different line, considering his stats/range aswell as the factors of that stage of the SNG? Thanks!

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    your line here is to shove JJ and is +EV in this spot, actually nearly atc here (70+% of your entire range)


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      Hi Plue22! Welcome to the forum and glad you found the HA section. This one's pretty much a cooler and is going to play out with both being all-in regardless.. but I would have played it differently. With this being an STT, I need to get into the top 3 in order to get ITM. While I am in 3rd currently, I do not have enough chips to guarantee cashing, so I need to be looking to accumulate more. When it folds to me in the SB holding JJ and with the opp only having 5.5BB behind, I'm going to open-shove. This puts the maximum pressure on the opp, as they know they're playing for their tourney life. With them being a tight player (thanks for the read), this makes this decision even easier, as they'll fold the majority of hands to me and hand me 300 free chips. The opp with 5BB, should really be calling with a wide range here too (almost 90% of hands) and the wider the range they're playing, the larger a favorite in the hand I am. They're last in chips, so need to chip up quickly and are isolated against only one opponent. With 33, it's a snap call of my shove (or for them to get all their chips in here). I want all the chips to get in here with JJ and the worst thing that I could do is to raise and fold and give off chips with a large, made hand... so raise/folding is not even a consideration for me. One thing that I don't want to do as a poker player is to be results oriented. I want to make the best decision each and every time that I have to make a play. In this type of situation, open-shoving JJ is the best decision that I can make. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thank you very much for that long and thought out reply, I appreciate it. I just recently started learning SNG from being a cash game player and all this open shoving/blind raising is new to me, so thank you for the reply!


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          I don't mind the raise if you think it will induce villain to call/ shove but if you raise in this spot then you also have to keep it consistent with weaker hands or you'll give away a bet sizing tell that a good player will use against you.

          Looking at the hand from villains perspective, 33 is not exactly a great hand but your raise gave him the opportunity to shove which is always the right play, in his eyes he could well be ahead against an Ax type hand. This could lead for some good discussion because there is merits for both raising and shoving in spots like this.

          You are right to notice his tight stats but in SnGs there is a certain type of player I label as "Rock Shovetards". Players like this play ultra tight in the opening stages - if they raise then get out of their way - but in later stages when it becomes this deep they have only one play. They shove atc SB v BB and have a wide range for shoving on the button. I love players like this as it's a great player exploit. Just loosen up and steal everything from them early and widen your calling range later in the game.

          JWK post is an ICM decision. In a STT your aim should be to get in the cash first and win the tourney second. Your plays on the bubble should factor in blinds, stacks, players ect. It's a very complicated subject and there can be a lot of detailed maths involved. JJ is totally the right shove/ raise here but there will be other harder spots for you. 98s would be a tricky hand as villain is so short. When your on the bubble target the medium stacks if you can and avoid confrontation with the largest and smallest stacks until you have a premium like JJ as in this spot. I'm still getting my head around ICM decisions, I think I'm OK in most spots but you can't exactly work out the detailed maths when you've 5 seconds to act. It's all about experience and knowing when to raise/ shove/ call against different opponents, their hand ranges and your image.

          You achieved exactly what you wanted, getting your chips in as an 80% favourite. Don't be results orientated, this is the right play whether you raise or shove.
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