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"Curling" PSO homegame. Final table

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  • "Curling" PSO homegame. Final table This was on the final table, bubble had just burst. Should I have folded and let them fight for 7th ? I figured, if I win, I bust two players and isn't too bad a hand.

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    grats on the FT rkleefstra

    When you're in that position at the FT, it looks so appealing doesn't it... to potentially take out 2 for 1? But if you consider the shoving ranges (PP, kx+ Ax+, Q6+, J7+, t7+, gappers) of both short stackers, you still only fair 30% at best with KQs against their ranges. When calling off with 25% of your stack, you have less than 2.5:1 price of what's already in the middle.

    I'd rather keep the extra 9BB here, to maximize a double up if the opportunity arises, so it's a fold for me. HU, would be a different story.

    But if you know you're on a heater, then call.


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      Hi rkleefstra! To call the two shoves, it costs me 5499 into a pot of 18105 (30.4%). I now need to see if I have this much equity. With 6.5BB, UTG should be shoving a range of about 27% (which may not be the case since this is a game where every place gets you more points). The opp in the hijack should be reshoving about a top 14% hand, but once again, with this being a game where every spot gets more points, it could be tighter. With these ranges, my KQs has 33.3% equity, which makes it a call. However, if these ranges are tighter, say 20% and 10%, then my equity is only 30.0%. Without knowing how the opps are playing, since it's between a very marginal fold or a call, along with being able to guarantee 10 extra leaderboard points and the fact that if I lose, I'm still 2nd stack... I'm calling! Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        After the shove of UTG, I was calling. When villain5 shoved as well my first thought was, "oke, this is a clear fold now" but then I realized it was only 2 blinds more with possiblility to kick 2 people out, so that made me call.

        After I saw their hands, I was like "hmmm, I should have known they had me beat pretty bad" and asked on the table if my call was bad. The answer was "put it in the forums "

        Ty Marc and John. It was helpfull for sure. As a cashplayer I don't do many FT's...


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          I can't say I know the points scoring structure in the PSO games, and it definitely may be a factor in decision making for sure.

          But I count 5400 to win 12544, or have I just lost the plot, which happens a bit.

          The other argument in retrospect is I'd rather not contribute to potentially triple up a shorty to my left.



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