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NLHE $3.50 9plyr SNG UTG2 wi 1010

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  • NLHE $3.50 9plyr SNG UTG2 wi 1010

    Normally I'd fold from this position. It's near the start of the game too but I decide to play and goes wrong. I get second place eventually but things could have been avoided. Any advice would be great on this. umbup: I raise from early position to x4 BB hoping to minimize the callers but four people call my raise. After the flop I think my hand is looking strong. I assume the guy two away from me calls with a high pair 7 so when the next 7 comes I check and keep on checking through. He has nothing but the guy who goes all in beats me with a JJ. Is my second raise after the flop too high? I did such a high pot raise because so far I thought I'd have the best hand and to avoid the AKJs coming up next I thought a high raise would make them fold but a low raise might make them call to see. I also assumed that those who called my initial raise would not have chance of a straight as likely they wouldn't have called with low numbers in first place. Also I thought that since there was no re raise on my initial bet, nobody had anything special like QQ KK. When I check on the turn, the guy checks back. When the river comes i'm first to go again so I check. I'm still not sure if he has a 7. Should I have made another small bet on the river? Should I have checked after the flop to see what everybody else did first before pushing in such a high bet? Would you play this hand? Posting video here hope works

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    pre flop - the raise of 4x is perfect as there is one player who limped in

    post flop - you raised a pot size bet out of position in a 5 way pot. if you are willing to bet more than 50% of your stack post flop you just have to shove it in and gamble. The board is very wet and you might get called by a drawing hand because of a big pot. But always be ready to lose because this is a 5 way pot. High variance play.

    Good luck in your games


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      Thank you for your advice.
      I find myself with confidence on the first couple of raises and then after that if everybody else calls it, I lose the confidence and start checking. I should just shove next time if I ever in this situation.


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        Hi Blackolden4

        I like you raise sizing. I add on 1 big blind to the size of my raise for each limper which is what you seemed to have done here

        Post flop fine but it is a little awkward because of everybody's stack to pot ratio. In a 5 handed pot where everybody has less than two times the size of the pot I would be happy to bet with the intention of getting it in versus one, and perhaps 2 opponents.

        I would of preferred to of bet half the pot on the flop because at least we give ourselves a chance of getting away from the hand. If we made a standard c bet and then player 5 shoved, player 6 shoves, and player 7 called then we can fold the hand and still have 20+bb's.

        As played we must shove all in on the turn. We are likely to have player 6 beaten and we don't want to give him a free card because there are a lot of draws in his range, and besides if he bet all in we wouldn't be folding anyway.

        Cheers, Chris.


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          . umbup: Thank you, some good advice to put into practice!



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