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JJ on the button

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  • JJ on the button

    Looking for some feedback on this hand here.
    Thoughts included "If he had an ace I'd have heard of it by now"
    I'd like to know some different opinions about how likely I am to have the best hand on each street.
    It's a 25c 45-man sitngo.
    All feedback welcome, thanks
    (He shows at the end, please don't let that skew your opinion)

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    ** moved to NLHE Tournament Hand Analysis **
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      Hi peasanth,

      On the flop i dont think you can cbet, since there are not many hands behind that can call, and no better folding. I think in these spots it helps a lot if you have some reads on the oponent, if he has been defending often, how agressive he is .. and stuff like that. If i dont have any reads, id check fold flop or in your case bet fold. When he does the same fancy play on the turn i dont like to continue either. In my opinion you can find a lot better spots to get him, so save the chips and pass out this one.
      Hope it helps


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        Hi peasant! With JJ on the button, when it folds to me, I'm going to make a standard raise, which for this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper (500). I want to keep all of my bets and raises standard as this helps to conceal the strength of my hand. Players that bet more with better hands and less with marginal ones are basically turning their cards face-up.. something that I want to avoid. The flop is not good news for my hand, with an overpair and another overcard, however the opp checks. Due to the check, I am going to make a c-bet here and the key is the sizing of it. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With one opp, I need to bet 1/2 pot, so I will make a 550. I definitely do not want to bet less than this as too small of a bet on the flop, combined with a smaller than normal bet preflop says to the opps that I have a marginal hand. The opp now makes an abnormal min-raise. A standard raise amount for the opp would be to between 3X my bet and a pot-sized raise. This puts me in a really bad spot, as I've under-repped my hand with two weak bets and due to this, I'm not sure if the opp has an A or Q.. or senses weakness due to the small bets. Without a read on the opp, I need to fold to their raise here, even though their raise is much smaller than a standard bet. If I had made standard bets preflop and on the flop, then it's a very easy fold to the check/raise. I want to be making plays that make playing the hand easy for me and harder on the opps... not ones that make it harder on me, as due to the smaller bets, I have no clue whether I'm ahead or behind. If I saw the turn (which I would not), when it does not help my hand, I need to check and see a free river card. If I did bet, once again, I would need to make a standard bet (1/2 pot) and nothing less... and with the opp still in, my hand is nowhere near strong enough to be betting. The keys with this hand are to make standard bets preflop and on the flop, then to muck to a flop raise. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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