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    Last edited by ingenium92; Wed Feb 26, 2014, 02:16 PM.

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    *moved to analysis forum* - Fadyen

    Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

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      I think i would have bet a little bit more at flop and defenetly more at turn, you should be taking more value at turn for sure, also if Villain3 is at flush draw you want him pay as much as you can + if Villain3 hits flush you want to stack him off or if Villain3 has Kx.
      Otherwise well played



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        Last edited by ingenium92; Wed Feb 26, 2014, 02:17 PM.


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          hey inge,

          preflop - vil2 limps 31bb's vil3 limped behind 90bb's, I loved the limped behind with you having 51bb's also to set mine hoping to win a big pot

          post flop - 5 way on a semi wet board 1725 chips total pot. I want to make a bigger bet around 1500chips to get value from any pair and because we are deep stack we want them to pay more in case any of the big stack is drawing to any flush draw or even straight draw because sb and bb can have any random hand because there was no raise preflop

          turn - you hit the full house which is almost the nuts because KK and 33 are unlikely the vil3 holdings. 3525 in the pot and he called the postflop bet so maybe he got a middle pair. Opp is deep stack so you want to extract maximum value at the same time let him pay more in case he's drawing to something so I will bet around 2750 here. You want to make the pot big so that you can get him all in on the river. That's our goal in this hand.

          river - opp checked and if he called 2 streets of small bet I think you should bet small now because if he really have a medium pair. We want to get at least thin value so here a small bet around 2250 just to make him call one more.

          Don't slow play a big hand 5 way deep stack because more often you will regret it than not.

          Bet hard post flop, turn then assess opponents hand on the river on what he might have thru here you will decide if you want maximum value or thin value depending on what hand you put him in.

          good luck on the tables


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            Hi ingenium92

            I like the way you played the hand. Limping behind is fine and you're bet sizing on the flop is good. The board is relatively dry and nobody has shown any interest int he pot so I think our bet sizing could be a bit smaller in hope of inducing more action but none the less your bet sizing is fine.

            I like your bet sizing on the turn too, if villain ha a heart draw then we want to price him in because if he hits it then there's a good chance we will get his entire stack.

            When villain calls your turn bet I think his range consists of flush draws and medium pairs. I would elect to make a standard value bet, maybe 40% of the pot and hope to get a crying call from 77 or something. When we bet this much on the river it's hard to get paid even if we are only betting this much to make our hand look like a bluff. There's not many hands that can make the hero call. Medium pairs won't like the river card and we are likely to scare away hands like A6s/67s.
            If villain has shown us evidence that he likes to make hero call then your bet is fine.

            Ultimately I like the way you played it, nice hand. Chris.



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