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8.80 zoom turbo- jj multi way

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  • 8.80 zoom turbo- jj multi way

    no stats as its zoom, got jj in the blinds facing multiway action with other big stacks. i had the option to 3 bet but decided to pot control pre flop as i have a big stack, others in the pot have good stacks so didnt want to play a big pot out of position. Should i 3 bet? on the flop is this a bad fold? should i at least be calling one street?

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    I think you played it good. Flatting JJ and when this kind of action on flop have to fold. You aint happy to get it in since mostly you getting it in against set or flush draw or even both. So if there is flush draw there is pretty good chance its with over cards so pretty much any scenario you getting it in or calling you wont be happy.
    Since there is no stats on Villains i think 3betting would get you many times in awkward spots. But if i would 3bet here id make it about 2000 and when Villain6 is 4bet shoving you have to call. If Villain 7 or Villain 9 shoves you pretty much have to fold what means you have turned 4th best starting hand in to a bluff what is kinda bad thing to do and that is why i like as you played
    Well played.



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      Post flop is completely fine.

      Pre is debatable.


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        Hi 666bbonez187

        I think your option to call rather than 3 bet is fine however I think 3betting has it's merits too but I would also just call for the reasons you already stated. I think calling with jacks in this spot is optimal if we don't have any reads.

        Post flop is fine too imo. We can disregard player sixes hand but we can't disregard players 7's raise and player 9's call. If we decide to call the flop we're more often than not going to be faced with another bet on the turn which would be a difficult spot that I think we should fold more often than not depending on player styles etc.

        Also, the flop isn't as good for us as it may look. There are some Ax hands that still have a lot of equity against us and there are of course small pairs/sets/ fives and sixes won't be going anywhere in a hurry, so if we're not already behind on the flop it's quite likely we're going to be behind on the forthcoming streets.

        If this situation arose in a standard MTT then I think we can play the hand more aggressively but in a zoom mtt where the majority of guys are playing tight then I think we should be playing this hand on the safe side.

        Nice hand, Chris.


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          thx for the feedback all umbup:



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