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A good day but some weird spots

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  • A good day but some weird spots

    Hey guys, After wining a satellite to the big 22 with 1$ and no rebuy I got into the thing, and cashed 45$ umbup: busting 305 on a hand KQs (me) vs QTo I got into the cooler and went on to the micros. Where the followong left me thinking : Hand 1 : Playing the bully here with a gut shot and a backdoor flush ok ? Hand 2 (more interesting) : villain was 48/24 (18 hands) running the math after the hand (I put him on 35%) 55+,A2s+,K3s+,Q5s+,J7s+,T7s+,97s+,87s,A4o+,K8o+,Q9 o+,J9o+,T9o I see me on flop 58% vs 42% The turn card makes me a 3 to 1 favorite. Assuming he was actually holdong 20% the figures are : (66+,A4s+,K8s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T9s,A9o+,KTo+,QTo+,JTo) flop : 60% vs 40% turn : 73% vs 27% Tournament status : half way to bubble (I have 2:1 on average stack, him 4:1) Oppinions, somebody ? My gut tells me he was protecting AA <> TT, but can't be sure if I chickened, can't shake the feeling. (ofc there are other posibilities like : him making trips/set, flush drawing etc..) but still I am confused by the odds I was getting. Thanks and regatds, Shoim o/
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    My own thoughts after reflecting are simple (second hand) : I was behind at the point in one way or another, had no info on the villain - no relevant action seen, I guess the flop flat was in order, I intended to fold the turn anyways if any high card would show up (hence not risking more). In the end this fold helped me bust out 61 and cash 7.9$ umbup: and that was because I was literally sleeping on my keyboard But, please, I do appreciate other people comments on the situations. Cheers, Shoim o/
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      Hello, shoim!

      Hand 1:
      IMO you should never play like this again .
      1.With 89of we have pretty good odds to call preflop.
      2.Calling is weak so its hard to be strong in the next round.
      3.We are OOP against 3 opponents.
      4.We must to flop two pair or better to win this hand most of the time.

      The main leak here is post flop play. Calling a huge bet with a gut shot draw and then shoving the turn is not what we need to do!!
      Calling preflop=weak
      Checking postflop=weak or a draw
      Calling huge bet=strange on this board but still weak, even if we have 87 it will be a bad call.
      Almost commiting our opp on the turn=no sense after all weakness we showed to him. Unless we have 42, 103, 105 which is crazy, and all other 10x hands which make no sense for me cause we call such a huge flop bet. All in all, we have two pair, draw or total air.

      I prefer here just call pre, check post flop and fold to any bet if I did not hit my two pair or better. If player 6 is tight I suggest folding preflop and not waste chips.

      Hand 2:
      Fold post flop to any bet because the board is to wet to continue and we have no kicker with our top pair. I think continue here with this hand against two opps to the river would be disastrous to our stack.

      Good luck!


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        Hi shoim

        Hand 1 is a disaster imo. Considering our stack size and the extra money in the middle our call preflop is fine, however check calling villain 8's bet isn't so good. Villain 8 only has 1200 chips behind which will leave him with less than a pot sized bet on the turn. His bet bet sizing ought to ring some alarm bells, at this stage he's committed a very large portion of his stack which makes it very unlikely that he will fold to our bet on the turn, especially as he has less than a pot sized bet remaining. If villain 8 didn't make such a strong bet on the flop then our play wouldn't be so bad, still not good imo because of the stack to pot ratio but it wouldn't be as bad.

        Hand 2...

        Interesting one. When player 3 leads out for a pot sized bet on the flop it's quite clear that he means business so unless we have reads on villain that he likes to make pot sized bets with mediocre hands, then I would just give it up on the flop. There's not many hands that we are miles in front of and there isn't any good turn cards for us. The best turn card for us would be a blank like a Kd, or a Kc if we're lucky.

        I think we have to either shove or fold when villain pots it again on the turn and folding is by far the superior option. We have a decent stack and there's no need to play catch up in a big hand like this.

        Cheers, Chris.


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          P.s For future reference please don't post multiple hands in one thread Thanks.


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            Thanks guys for the replies, indeed, the first hand I was just doing it for lolz was still on tilt after the big bankroll boost that I got.
            The second was really cool, as I did reflect on it next day and was certain I was folding ok there.

            Ty and regards,
            Shoim o/



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