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Hand, which i could play better?

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  • Hand, which i could play better?

    What was my misstake?
    everyone folded to me.i decide to open raise with standart 2,5x with A5off, because i was in the button, with 6 handed table.
    SB calls, BB folds.i got a rainbow flop, with gutshot posibility to straight. SB check, i decide to bet 2/3 of pot to show that i have strong hand.vilain calls.Turn comes K,and he check again, so i decide to show aggresion and bet again 2/3 of pot, try to steal pot, but he calls.and the river came 4, so i hit my sraight.but then vilain bet pot sized bet, and then i thought what he has...
    maybe he hit also staright, or at least he was slow playing with set or 2 pairs. but i think that i he had a set or 2 pairs, he would re- raised me after turn. so i decide to move all in.
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    IMO : 1. Pre-flop : the initial bet wasn't as standard for an A5o from the button. I guess a 4bet with the intention to fold if villain comes over the top was in order considering there were no antes and the blinds are low and are not worth stealing).
    2. Flop : You have two options : 1 - check, 2 - make a raise that will make him think (something like pot-size, or slightly more, fold if you get into trouble)
    3. 'Ze mighty K - well if you decided to play and you were determined to lead out on him, he checked after all, a nice decent shove would've been in order, checking behind is not that bad, you are on air after all and he might slow play something)
    4. River : he leads out (after being weak for 2 streets I might think he was slowp laying a made hand, or he just did made his hand, it is though kind of hard to let go of the straight)

    I think the best play was to not get involved at all in this hand (considering the BB<>stack ratio), it's this exact reason that books say you should avoid playing marginal hands - they can get you into big trouble early on, with smaller stacks and bigger blinds it's a completely different story.

    One other thing for you to consider : although you made 70% of pot raises you couldn't shake him off because he was never threatened - he had to call small % of his stack on all your raises.

    But that's just me, gl at the tables.

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      Hi Tommynolimt

      Your raise sizing on the button is fine and we definitely ought to be opening this hand on the button. Your bet sizing post flop is a bit on the big side but it's fine, I c-bet this flop too. I like your bet on the turn because the K is definitely a card that we can represent and we will get villain to fold a lot of his small pairs and draws.

      The river.... wow. I too would shove all in unless villain is super passive in which case I think calling rather than shoving would be fine. The only hand that beats us is the 85 and the chances of villain calling a raise preflop and out of position with that hand is very slim! I think we chop the pot a lot of the time but I also think that villain can be stabbing with a missed draw like 89o or a maybe a hand like 44.

      Nice hand, Chris,



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