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3rd Nut Flush plus Straight Flush Draw

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  • 3rd Nut Flush plus Straight Flush Draw

    The villain is the big stack and had been very active recently, and I believed his range was fairly wide. What's my best play here??
    Bracelet Winner

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    I think being active can mean a couple of things... passive by seeing many flops - folding hands to aggression and extracting max value when hit... or aggressive by playing big pots as fold equity.

    Villain checks back flop.. and jams over your bet on the turn. IF he had been active and with his stack, he's cbetting that flop. So does his story make sense here given how you classified the villain?


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      Hi joy7108

      I like how you played the hand and I hope you snap called villains shove. Betting out on the flop is an option. The fact that villain over shoved the turn leads me to believe he either has a strong hand that he's trying to protect ( 66/44 ) or he has a strong draw like Ah7d and some of the time he may be drawing completely dead if he decided to freak out with a hand like 89 with a heart.

      Betting out on the flop is an option too and I'm torn between both. Either option is fine.

      Nice hand, Chris.


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        Thanks for the comments. @ Marc Rae, no I didn't think his story made much sense. I would expect him to bet out with any made hand as well as draws. @Chewme1, yes I did snap call, here's the result: Just one of those things, as long as my call made sense to someone besides me.
        Bracelet Winner


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          I agree with Chewme.
          There is mistake in your logic that i wanted to point out, because in long run its going to be a leak. You reply "I would expect him to bet out with any made hand as well as draws." - in this case i think you played this hand pretty bad, reason is simple, if you expect V3 lead with any made hand/draws most of the time then why are you leading at turn? From what you trying to get value from if you have narrowed V3 ranges with a check at flop to no draws/no made hands? Also if you are sure V3 leads out with a draw at flop then he will pretty surely lead out any draw at turn since you have checked twice. So in the way you had the read you should be checking the turn always to give V3 chance to bluff / hit a pair at river and pay you off at river value bet.
          Hope my comment makes sense and helps




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