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First hand $1 180 SNG

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  • First hand $1 180 SNG

    No reads since this is the first hand. I usually try play really tight the first few levels, is this call too loose for the beginning of a tournament?
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    I think the call pre is fine, as long as you don't get carried away post-flop since it is multiway.. or maybe even to further raising action preflop with the villains behind. With an A and a broadway and 2 tone flop, you need to play this flop hard n fast, which you do so umbup: I'd be making the raise on the flop a little smaller.. 550-600 would get the same response as 720. But by doing a smaller sizing it sets up the turn for a jam 2/3-3/4 of the pot, rather than 1/2 pot. Bet sizing may/may not have been trivial with this villain.. but vs regs or a thinking villain, this is more important.


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      Call pre, raise-flop, stack off with second nuts. All totally standatory.
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        the only thing i can add is a lil analogy (i loves em)

        bet sizing is a bit like positioning the cueball in snooker/pool - sometimes it's fine to smash it in and not worry, but other times you want to line up the cueball (pot size) ready for your next shot (turn shove)

        i hope that makes sense XD


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          Hi joy7108

          The guys have given some great input already. All that I can add to this is that you may want to raise smaller on the flop. When you raise as much as you did it sends out signal to the players behind us that we are not folding our hands no matter what happens.

          Calling on the flop is an option too but I feel that there are a lot of turn cards that can scare either you or the original better away from the hand, so I think raising the flop is the best line to get the money in.

          Cheers, Chris.


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            Thanks for all your comments. I don't remember why I re-raised so big, but it probably had a lot to do with 2 broadway hearts on the flop. I did feel pot committed even with a smaller re-raise, so wanted to get rid of the other two callers. I thought this sizing might discourage the original raiser as well, but it turns out I was wrong about that: Sick cooler, but that's poker! On to the next game.
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