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shove or not?(would like ChewMe1 to answer, please)

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  • shove or not?(would like ChewMe1 to answer, please)

    180 man turbo-27 places paid
    107 left
    8 handed
    Pot 1.5 BB (no antes)

    UTG-17 BB
    MP-13 BB
    MP2-22 BB
    HJ(Hero)-9 BB
    CO-3 BB
    BUT-11 BB
    SB-5 BB
    BB- 27 BB

    I am sitting on the HJ with 89s and 9 BB left. I am looking at my push/fold chart and it says to shove with that hand, but I have two shorties on my left and a big stack on the BB, which each one could easily call my shove(the shorties are desperate for chips, and the BB could afford to gamble if he thinks that I am pushing wide)
    Is this a shove?

    In general, what should I look for before open shoving, except my own cards, position and stack?
    Is the stack of the remaining players important?

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    Hi Espada_Nu.4

    Spots like these aren't great but it's still best to go all in regardless of the two super shorties. I expect to get called a lot by either one of these guys more often than not, which sucks but we will still have a decent amount of equity and they will be folding some of the time which makes this a small +ev spot, and we don't have time to sit and wait for a hand that crushes the shorties range so we've got to go with this one.

    I'm not worried about being called by the big stack, especially when ante's are due to kick in.
    When we're as short a we are we ought to be shoving our normal shove range without paying much attention at all to the stack sizes behind us. When we have a stack size of 15 - 20 bb's, this is when we ought to pay more attention as to who is behind us.

    If we're on the CO with 20 big blinds and the three stack sizes behind us all have about 10 big blinds then we can shove pretty wide because even though we have 20 big blinds, we're shoving into stack sizes that have only 10 big blinds which means we're actually shoving for 10 big blinds, effectively. Now if the three stack sizes behind us all have 30 big blinds it's a different story. Shoving into these big stacks is substantially more risky than shoving into the shorties because the big stacks can knock us out of the tournament where as the shorties can't.

    Cheers, Chris.
    Last edited by ChewMe1; Wed Feb 05, 2014, 12:03 AM.



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