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1,10$ AQo in the SB

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  • 1,10$ AQo in the SB

    HUD stats (VPIP/PFR/Limp/3B): Villain_4: 15/3/11/0 (33 hands) Villain_5: 64/9/57/0 (11 hands) Hero: 7/6/0/0 (72 hands) Villain_7: 34/6/29/0 (32 hands) Villain_4 had only 1 hand played aggressively preflop in 33 hands, a hand which he c-bet at the time.
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    While AQ is a good hand, the situation is very marginal. If we flat call preflop we are going to be playing hit or fold post flop which is pretty bad to get any value out of position multiway. 3betting pre seems better to try and get a headsup post flop spot but we only have 36bb. We can take initative and cbet will work a lot vs villain 4. but..... villain 4 range seems strong to me AT+ 77+, maybe even limps the bottom on this range. This is why I prefer a fold, AQ vs a strong range, out of position, possible multiway action. As played on the flop, his bet seems like a pretty strong 1 pair hand more than likely which beats us. If we know villain 4 cbets a lot we could flat call with showdown value and see his turn actions. I don't think we need to turn our hand into a bluff by raising.umbup:
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      Hi darkmannc! Tough spot where I'm glad you put the read info about the opps into the post, as this helps determine my course of action. With AQ in the SB, I get a standard open and a call in front of me. My problem here is that I'm out of position and have an extremely tight opp raising. If the initial raiser had stats like the button (very loose), then I'd opt to 3-bet preflop, as I'm ahead of their range. However, with a player raising 3% of hands having opened, AQ does not play very well against this range (I'm a 2-1 dog against the initial raiser only), especially OOP. With the button in the hand too, I go to basically a 3-1 dog when I put their ranges into pokerstove. I'm not worried about the BB here as they're so tight that if they play the hand, I'm most likely dominated by them and will fold everything but a premium. Especially with it being early in the tourney, since I'm a 3-1 dog in the hand, I'm just going to fold here preflop and save my chips for a better situation. If I did see the flop, when I hit second pair, I need to check and fold to a bet. As small as villains 7 and 4's ranges are, there are an overwhelming number of K's in their ranges, so I'm most likely way behind here and only have 2 outs (expect one of them to have AK). If it was just against the loose opp, then I could lead the flop here, but against the two nits, I don't want to put another chip into the pot unless I get another Q (and even then, I may be behind villain 4). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thank you both!
        I wasn't sure if I made a mistake with that flat call preflop. But now, I know the correct play preflop was to 3-bet or fold.
        With antes in play I will probably 3bet this hand preflop and fold to a 4bet, being such an early level fold seems to be the best action.
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