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Need some help with final 3/4 strategy

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  • Need some help with final 3/4 strategy

    So I've been playing some of those play money sit and go tournaments with 9 players and Top 3 get paid and etc etc etc, and I noticed a worrying flaw in my style during one of them. I had played good til the final 3 thanks to judicious use of the all-in, trap-springing, and not playing dreck like 10-3offsuit unless I had to(unlike my competition).

    However, at the final 3, despite having like 8000 chips compared to my 2 opponents with like 2500 and 1500, the game got stuck. We traded wins in pots for like half an hour, usually for nothing more than about 5 BBs or so. I noticed that my opponents were often(not every hand, but maybe one every 3 to 5) backing me off by min-raising me and taking the blinds when I held a bad hand like 9-4offsuit that I had to lay down. However, I didn't get nearly enough good hands to raise preflop right back and take the blinds, and they slowly gained ground on me. I've noticed this happening every time I enter a tournament like this, regardless of whether I have the big stack or the small stack, people seem to minraise against me to take down blinds and I'm reluctant to call with a hand worse than, say, QJoff-suit or something.

    I know they have to be completely airballing at times, but I don't want to concede more blinds to them because its just making the problem worse. I've tried stuff like occasionally going all in with pocket 2s through queens, and indeed I won 3 out of 4 all-in situations with that move against the usual slew of callers like Big Slick/KJ/AQ/etc, but that isn't always reliable. If I don't get a good enough hand to justify calling(or worse, call with AJ and such and then have the flop completely miss), how can I change the circumstances? Can I justify an occasional raise with the trash hands and play right back at them? Do I do the Tom Dwan 3 barrel bluff special? Do I just wait for Aces or Kings and try to break them in one hand? Is it totally dependent on the circumstances and theres no real set strategy for these situations?

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    Hi, I would say that this is a very common problem especially for newer players. I find that once you are in the final 3 the best advice is to play for first, settle for third. You have to open your range greatly both when entering a pot which you should nearly always be raising 3 handed and indeed calling or reraising behind.

    You are right to say that your opponents are airballing much of the time and the secret is to dust off the old 4 bet and let them have it. You have to be aggressive ( but not stupidly so ) and give them the difficult decisions.

    Above all once you are in the last 3 dont be scared to lose and dont be worried about being caught out bluffing once in a while trust me it will add to your overall table image. Thats only my opinion but hopefully some aspects might work for you.

    Good Luck


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      As Teach always said: "Raise more than call..."



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