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95s pre-flop fold from BB in 4-way pot.

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  • 95s pre-flop fold from BB in 4-way pot.

    Hello again, my mates! I am going to post a hand that I folded based on similar advice you guys gave me on another trash hand I played and lost all of my chips with. It's a reverse implied odds situation, you guys said. It was an interesting spot because I keep getting the urge to call in these situations. I think that mathematically I should call, it's a +EV call, but I was wondering. If I commit to not overplaying 1-pair hands, is a call justified in this spot? I believe I'm playing better post-flop now, ranging a little better, and I'm feeling more comfortable facing tough decisions. Anyway, here it is: Thanks!

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    Hello, Max_Kane!

    In my opinion call here its -EV and fold is +EV. Mathematically this call is unjustified. Lets say we know that Villain4 has JJ, Villain8 has AQ and Villain1 has any random hand. At this spot your 95s has only 15.18% equity. You need to call 2482 chip to a 9696 pot which gives you 20.4% pot odds. Everytime you make this call you lose 5.32% more chips. So its -EV call. Even in heads up situation to call UTG shove with 95s is a huge risk and -EV play.

    Well played, good fold, easy fold!
    Good luck!


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      In a cash game, I guess you might rationalise a call based on the pot odds, particularly if you are very deep with at least one of the other players. However it's very hard to hit a hand with a suited 4-gapper so I'd just fold this no matter what.

      In a tournament with such shallow stacks though, you don't want to invest 20% of your stack when you're not going to be able to continue on 90% of flops, so it's a clear fold.



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