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Hot 0,55$ , 50000/100000 12500, Steal attempt agains tight passive player (4BB)

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  • Hot 0,55$ , 50000/100000 12500, Steal attempt agains tight passive player (4BB)

    Hello, professionals! Was trying steal attempt from SB agains tight passive player with 95of. In this tournament stages most of players are shortstacks and try to survive as long as possible so I decided to take advantage of it. I thought if he calls me with Ax or Kx I still have some equity. I know that aggression wins in poker and under pressure players make mistakes. Appreciate your analysis!

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    Hi MyNumber7! With a really bad hand in 95o, when it folds to me in the SB, the key for me here is the opp's stack size. They already have 25% of their chips into the pot, so the opp is very close to being pot-committed already and is basically going to have to play the hand. Due to this, I'm going to muck here preflop as 95o is not even a favorite against ATC and this is most likely going to showdown if I do play the hand as I have basically no fold equity due to the opp's stack size. If I want to shove here, I need to have a hand that will be a favorite against a wide range, which 95o is not. If the opp had over 10BB, then I may consider shoving here as a steal, but not with a stack under 10BB that is almost certain to call. Aggression helps, but patience is a larger key when playing tournaments. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks JWK24, I know I took a huge risk.. I thought this will work cause villain was tight passive player. Ok, I will fix this leak too!



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