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TT UTG With Bubble Approaching and Awkward Stack Size

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  • TT UTG With Bubble Approaching and Awkward Stack Size

    This hand was taken from Event #37 of MiniFTOPS, $11 Rebuy. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 300/600 Blinds 75 Ante (9 handed) Button (t7,094) SB (t32,931) BB (t29,424) Hero (UTG) (t18,942) UTG+1 (t48,977) MP1 (t11,896) MP2 (t12,285) MP3 (t25,960) CO (t42,573) Hero's M: 12.03 Preflop: Hero is UTG with , Hero raises to t1,200, 7 folds, BB calls t600 Flop: (t3,375) , , (2 players) BB checks, Hero bets t2,100, BB calls t2,100 Turn: (t7,575) (2 players) BB bets t4,049, Hero folds Total pot: t7,575 Results below: BB didn't show Outcome: BB won t7,575 Villain unknown as this was Rush Poker and my HUD wasn't working. There was 330 players left with 270 getting paid, I was sitting in about 230th place at this point. The eliminations and general speed of play had significantly slowed down in the last level or so. With my awkward stack size, should this be a fold preflop? What should my opening range from UTG be? Could I check back the flop for pot control or is betting best to protect against scary turn cards? OTT villain tanked before donking into me. I didn't want to invest such a large portion of my stack calling this bet when I might be folding to a lot of river shoves. If I was further away from the money, I might have been tempted to shove here for my last 14K chips - might this have been a better play than folding?

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    Hi spand42

    I don't think you have an awkward stack with 31 big blinds? It may be slightly below average at this stage of a rebuy tournament but it's still a decent stack none the less.

    Our standard opening range from UTG ought to be pretty tight TT+, AQs+, AKo seems about right but of course we can also open a lot wider than that depending on our playing style. I think an optimal opening range with your stack would be something like 88+, ATs+, KJs+, QJs, AQo+ and we can sometimes open small pairs depending on table dynamics etc.

    I don't think the bubble ought to affect our decision making whatsoever in this hand. We're still 50 players away from the money and with stack sizes being as they are 'mostly deep' in rebuy games, we're not as close to the money as we may think we are.

    C betting is obv good and on the turn... what a weird line taken by villain. I would expect your average joe to have a lot of draws in his range when he leads out like this but I also expect some guys to have some 5x hand but more often than not I believe we're infront so I would shove. We can call but there i a lot of river cards that can scare us and we will be left with just under a pot sized bet so I would elect to shove the turn unless we have strong reads on villain.

    Cheers, Chris.
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