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25c 90 man - 22 in the BB

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  • 25c 90 man - 22 in the BB

    Easy fold OTR?

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    I'd check/raise the flop then check/fold the turn


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      Raise flop, check-call turn (if you have right price to hit a 10-outer). Check-fold all rivers that don't give you a boat/quads. On this particular river, you have to fold. Calling when you're chopping at best is a leak.
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        This is too dangerous board to take some aggressive action.

        Your opp bets 600 to a 1550 pot which gives you aprox 22% pot odds to call. You have 8 outs to improve on the turn, its about 17%, so mathematically by making this call you lose 5% more chips everytime you make this call. So this call is unjustified if we have no reads on our opp.

        Lets say I make this call. Now pot is 2750. Opp bet 900 which gives me 19% PO. Now I have a 10 outer, so it's about 21%. I win 2% more chips everytime I make this call.

        River is another spade which did not help me. I still have a little bit of showdown value if our opp was bluffing so I prefer check/fold on the river.

        To sum up, I would make a call on the flop if my opp are LAG who bluffs a lot and fold if he is TAG. 222 is not a monster on this type of board.

        Good luck!


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          Hi IBNash! With 22 in the BB, I get a min-raise from UTG. Since the stacks are deep enough to setmine (15X in both stacks), I'm more than happy to call and see a flop. I flop a set on a very wet board. I'm going to make a standard value bet here of 1/2 pot (775). I cannot risk letting the opp check behind and getting a free turn card to a single spade in their hand. As played, I absolutely need to check/raise here by 1/2 pot. Anything less can give the opp the correct odds to outdraw me, which I do not want them to get. The turn puts four spades on the board, but with a set, I do have 10 outs on the river to a full house. I'm going to check and if the opp bets small (like they did preflop and on the flop), I'm calling and hoping to fill up on the river. When the river is another spade, I need to check/fold as I can't beat the board. I 100% agree with Arty, that players that call when the best they can do is to chop the pot, is a leak that a number of players have and one that I want to avoid. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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