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OSL- QJo from SB, good odds to call BUT

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  • OSL- QJo from SB, good odds to call BUT

    Hi folks, I have been thinking about this hand I played in my first tourney this year, in the OSL, I think I played it very badly and had one of those 'what the hell' moments after it finished. It seemed a good price to pay for a cheap flop, but I wasn't comfortable playing this oop at all. Please give some suggestion on how to avoid this kind of spot. It seemed too tight to fold the Qd and top pair to the flop bet, but the Ad and the Kd could very well be in their range, and just checking top pair + flush draw... arg, I don't know. When I played it felt like I was beat but I found it difficult to find the fold. Opinions please.
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    Hi mr mendes 20! Hands like this are why the OSL has a totally different strategy than other tourneys. With a marginal hand in QJo in the SB, when there is a raise, this hand is nowhere near strong enough to call with as I can't be playing marginal hands from IN position, let alone OOP. The chips that I can gain from the pot will never outweigh the amount of negative league points that I will get from an early exit. If I was going to play the hand, I'd want a made hand that is strong enough to 3-bet with (QQ+). Even AK with this many opps is extremely marginal, early in one of these tourneys. If I saw the flop, while it's a great one for this hand, I'm not going to have the nuts, so I need to fold to any sizable bet. When playing the OSL, I only want to be getting into hands with premium, made, hands early in the tourney. Any type of marginal spot where I would lose, is going to cost me a large number of league points, which can end up costing me $$ in the monthly leaderboard and the goal of these games is the $$ from the end of the month leaderboard. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks John! A lot of food for thought there. The math to call seemed good enough for me but I should have considered the aspects you just made clear.
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